Interstellar and the secret space program

I won’t rate the film here or go through scientific glitches, nor talk about the acting. I’ll just go through some historical symbolism in the film. Hints that refer directly to historical facts regarding secret space programs, UFO phenomenon and what Richard Dolan calls the breakaway civilization. It’s not the first time blockbusters make these hints but another one in line, and a very good one!



The father and the doughtier Murphy are both named Cooper referring to the late NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper. Because the same former astronaut came out in public about his experience with UFO’s, secret military programs and such. Check out this video. (See also Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo astronaut also open about his UFO beliefs, and there are many more)


Black Budget & the Secret Space Program

In the movie father Cooper goes to the parent talks and discusses his sons results. Although he is doing good the teacher says to Cooper that he’ll make a fine farmer. Cooper gets pissed about this and mentions he pays the taxes so where does the money go? The teacher says not to the Collages since they have very few places. Although in the film the world has become almost uninhabitable and resources are scarce, there exists a government. And with that a secret space program. This is an another blatant hint to the actual situation in the world and in the USA. Regarding black budgets and where money gets lost, in secret black book projects of things we in our everyday life are far behind of knowing about. Why would “they” let the public know about the deep black budget programs? We aren’t even let in the light about the X-37 A and B space plane.

The experimental secret mission called Lazarus in the film refers to the resurrection of Lazarus byt Jesus in the Gospel of John. Any black budget program needs secrecy and you get it best in underground bases. In the film it’s located in NORAD. So of course we all know little, or almost nothing, of what’s going on today in secret bases like Area 51 and others alike. But they are there, collecting our data and a bunch of other things in the dark spots of the publics awareness.


“6 billion people dead”

In the film a lot of people die. Because of the situation earth is in and the lack of food. Therefore all science is regressing due to the lack of everything there is really no understanding for the need of science. The secret space program is kept secret and this is where the movie hints about the current situation. Basically that the wast amount of people will never be in-the-know of what is going on at the vanguard of science and exploration. There is a scene where Murphy Cooper, the female scientist, is asked whether to tell people about the secret that there never was a return plan for the Lazarus spacecrafts – Therefor no salvation for the Earth population. She doesn’t due to the panic and hysteria that would develop if people knew the Earth was becoming uninhabitable, soon. So once again we have the situation of keeping a secret because the masses wouldn’t understand and act rationally. I think this is the case in the actual world and movies hint about this. Still the hints get lost in the entertaining aspects of a film and further references or facts, even when openly presented seem for the average viewer like mad conspiracy theories. But many movies and series hint about this, like 2012, Matrix, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica just to mention some…

The masses of people are just that, masses to be controlled by the elites. Like the Georgia Guidestones say: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”


Racial aspects

So what is the race that will go on and be saved and save itself? The white, as the film ends like that. The spinning O’Neil cylinder is full of white americans. I’m not saying the movie is predicting things in itself but there are some aspects in it that are hinting about what is going on and what agenda is being put in place on a global scale. But remember that it was the nazi scientists captured by US who went on to develop much of the rocket, stealth and space science that NASA and other secret black book projects have achieved and been working on since WWII. Go and figure Operation Paperclip and why there could be lingering racial bias in all of these secret space programs.

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