Cozy with a baby sling on a cold Swedish summer

Six years ago I worked in an organic health shop that sold among many other things, baby slings. I remember promoting and selling many of them but being so far away of actually using one. Now years later I’m happy with my little thicker and warmer organic cotton baby sling. This years summer in Sweden was doomed early on as April. But Scandinavian summers are always beautiful, you just have to seek them out when they appear really bad.

The baby sling is ideal and I love using it, preferring it over a stroller any time. My baby gets closer and intimate with me, closer to my heartbeats and it feel natural. She can pick up the vibrations from me talking, singing or chanting something.

I can’t wait to travel back up farther north into the Norwegian mountains together with my wife and carry Florens, walking like ancient people did. As we’re meant to be, born unto nature and living in it. So this is from the middle of July, I wear a woolen jacket and inside she’s daydreaming already.

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