You Are Powerful & Important. Billions Are Spent To Control You…

Hopefully we’ve all experienced first hand how our actions and choices throughout life caused something to happen, something to react and something to change. When you say yes or no to something, when you stand up for a certain opinion or a cause. You matter!

The only way to get there is when the insecurity and fear for confrontation eventually frees itself into a “get it done” attitude.

We have all read those cozy quotes that if you affect a few people in your life you’ve done more than enough. The point here is to remind ourselves that we are very powerful and very important. Not only should we remember that but glorify it! No one else can do it for us.

Just pause for a second and make a list of which groups of people or institutions push what here? Who promotes your importance and who promotes you as a fluke. A herd clone of flesh- and bone that puts a piece of paper in a box every fourth year?

We know that no monkeys are evolving into humans, we know there are no fish-lizards out there giving birth to cute tiny monkeys. You are you and you are here and it’s very important.

Few ever realize this. It’s easy to say, or heard be said, even thinking about it, or conceptualizing about it with the imagery and references already given to us by the billion dollar propaganda industry. Few ever really experience it. Hang on to it, value it and live by it.

So here we are, sometimes content and sometimes worried, sometimes inspired and sometimes dull and tired. But you know what, that’s ok, nothing works in a fixed state forever. Keep this insight alive throughout the dynamic of your life.

The Billion dollar industry failed on you, it might never ever grab you again.

Every day we thrive evil forces die.

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