Sjena’s First Year With Us

One year with us! Sjena is our lovely family member and here’s a short update on how it’s been for her over the last year. Be aware of much much cat belly cuddling in the video!

Sjena joined us just over a year ago, all loved and comfy from day one. We are grateful that it turned out to be her. She’s a tuxedo cat, a black and white mixture and in her case from someone shorter in the gene pool as other cats are always bigger than her. Which is great, the world is just bigger for her to enjoy.

She’s calm, kind, polite and well mannered as I said from the start. Her age is unknown but somewhere between 2,5 to 3 years. She likes to join us for meals, hangouts, and she always sleeps in someones bed next to our feet… baking her place and snarking sometimes, which is adorable and calming.

Sjena’s not shy by any means, she comes forth when she wants something like cuddling, playing or lying next to me or any of us and it’s nice to take a siesta with her. She has this melted cat thing I call, where she turns into a soft fury shadow occasionally.

I’ve noted she always rests a lot when it’s heavy rain for a few days, especially now with the autumn rains and wind outside. Sjena loves her spots, the latest one being a fashionable yellow and black armchair.

Cats are wake-sleeping a lot which is in their nature to preserve energy, but when she’s ready to dive into deep sleep she can do it in our arms. Just like our children did. So there’s much love there.

We have began to take her out so she can get used to our area and know where home is. Outside she explores and climbs trees and it will be interesting for her later on.

Once we were gone for three days and she was at a relative’s place, where she charmed the host and was as easy going clean and nice as at home! So when we got back late night and planned to pick her up in the following morning, her presence was missed and we could all feel the absence. I can find myself just thinking or having her visible in my mind. I wonder if she sometimes has me on her mind…

This was a short cat update. She’s one of us and she has so much more ahead of her both inside and outside.

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