Keep Space Clean

I’ve always been a space enthusiast and we all know the way our life on earth is not as clean as it should be. So not only do we have that earthbound issue but our orbit is no exception of our collective trashing around. Our activity in space has filled the orbit with more junk and it’s not going away. Time is really up to do something about it according to NASA and other agencies. says that according to NASA there are over 500 000 objects bigger than a marble and over 22 000 big as a softball – and about one million objects smaller than a millimiter that fly around in all directions in our orbit.

One of the problems is that the responsibility for the junk lies with the operators that sent it out, but in most cases they no longer exist. That makes it double responsibility for those who must clean up the space junk, for eventual failures or accidents. But it is a risk that must be taken and organized.

What do you think?

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