There will be no reason to have a separation of A.I. and humans

In the coming age of super exponential technological and biological development humans will not just create A.I. We will merge with that from the start. If we look at the complex computer systems running our world today, we would have called them conscious 200 years ago? Would we? So when we look at the development of cameras, computers and memory – they all seem to have the intent of helping blind people, connect biology and technology and in any kind of possible way improve us, humans. Therefor I don’t believe that we will have in the future humans and A.I. living together yet separate.

Instead looking at what’s going on in the world, if we don’t get into SHTF on a global scale, everything is being assimilated and more connected for every day. In other posts I’ve discussed transhumanism, singularity and all that – so I’ll leave it out in this one. Also I’ll leave out the discussion on wether consciousness can be uploaded, downloaded, transferred and the general true nature of it. Let’s just assume we keep progressing in the current exponential way also in the future. I see all the development being implemented on humans. First off with the blind, sick or handicapped. Where the technology and some kind of biotechnology helps them work properly or get to a normal state. Then that will spread into the lives of the rest – as super camera implants in the eyes maybe, where you can record and send something to someone. Or just automatically add a filter when driving in bright sunlight. Not to mention what will be done when (and of course if) the masters and scientist of this manage to implant extra memory and cognitive possibilities into the human brain.

Another thing I’m leaving out here is the aspect of control, in where we are integrated into a global wireless satellite system – each and everyone will be under the control of the current status quo in many ways.

I believe that AI development will probably take the route of assimilation between technology and biology – meaning tech and humans. There will be no reason to have a separation of AI and humans. If the world doesn’t come to a SHTF situation we will enter the age of transhumanism. (I’m not going into the core problem of consciousness and if it can be created, transplanted, uploaded, downloaded etc…)

Even if we’re going to have AI for many system functions in our society, and with all the risks and benefits of it – I believe that the coming age will be more of an assimilation of flesh and tech rather than “we and them” intelligent machines.

This was my response to the article Your essential guide to the rise of the intelligent machines at The Conversation.

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