Trump Strengthens Israel, Not America

Trump is doing more for Israel than for the USA. Not a brick of wall has been put at the Mexican border. While he signs a paper of approval that Israel can (granted by him and his loyal swamp) steal the occupied territory of Golan Heights, from Syria. Anyone who’s aware that all US presidential candidates have to swear an allegiance to Israel, knows about the Zionist lobby in Washington. Imagine a Polish president swearing an allegiance to Vietnam or Algeria?

Remember JFK? He wanted to inspect the Israeli arsenal of nuclear weapons and make Israeli lobby a foreign entity in the USA. He didn’t survive long. Now remember how USA has been wasting human life in the Middle East, wasting money, doing daily bombings of civilians etc ever since 2001 . Ever since the non-existent WMD in Iraq 2003 – and the invasion and war that followed. All went according to the document ‘Project for the New American Century’. Some countries are holding out. Other were wasted totally like Libya. Meanwhile Europe got the refugees and mass migrant invasion as an result. These sort of connection affect your daily life – and you can affect it too. Stay awake and vigilant.

UN Report on war crimes by IDF at the Gaza protests. Link to full report: ‘Report of the independent international commission of
inquiry on the protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory’

“95. Victims who were hundreds of metres away from the Israeli forces and visibly engaged in civilian activities were shot, as shown by eyewitness accounts, video footage and medical records. Journalists and medical personnel who were clearly marked as such were shot, as were children, women and persons with disabilities.

96. The Israeli security forces killed and maimed Palestinian demonstrators who did not pose an imminent threat of death or serious injury to others when they were shot, nor were they directly participating in hostilities. Less lethal alternatives remained available and substantial defences were in place, rendering the use of lethal force neither necessary nor proportionate, and therefore impermissible.

100. The right to life includes the right to a life with dignity. As the occupying Power, Israel has obligations under international law to ensure the health and welfare of the Palestinian population. The commission found that the ongoing blockade of Gaza and its impact on the health-care system in Gaza, and the ensuing deprivation of essential goods and services necessary for a dignified life, including basic medical supplies, safe drinking water, electricity and sanitation, constitute violations of the fundamental rights to life and health, in particular of wounded demonstrators.

102. The Convention on the Rights of the Child protects children’s rights to life, peaceful assembly, expression and the highest attainable standard of health, among other rights. The commission found reasonable grounds to believe that Israel violated those rights when its forces used lethal force against children who did not pose an imminent threat of death or serious injury to others at the time they were shot”

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