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iPhone SE 128GB – A Digital Nomads Office & Media Studio


I think iPhone SE is a great smartphone for a digital nomad, the combination of its size packed with the specs of an iPhone 6S makes it a small powerhouse. Even though I use my laptop and smartphone a lot I’m not an heavy user, as in addicted and checking various feed flows all the time while having the phone on 4G, WIFI and so on. My use is therefore very paradoxical, the more professional I got online the more I try to cut down on screen time. Most of the time I have flight mode on anyway. Life passes by without mercy and wasting time isn’t good, especially jumping like a monkey between the branches of various feeds that either tell us news in one sentence or photos and other meaningless distraction.

After years of work I’ve made my office as minimal as can be at the moment. The iPhone SE 128GB with its decline in price came just about right. I needed a new device and the smaller the device that can make my work happen, the better. Less is more as they say. In this device I have a great camera for photos and videos and the apps needed for some media composing and accounting. All in a one-handed device that fits in a pocket. Which together with my MacBook Pro 17 make a perfect team. Add to that some external drives (all encrypted)… that’s all I need to work and prosper.

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