My Thoughts on Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Before the Flood’

I saw Leonardo Di Caprio’s documentary for National Geographic called Before the Flood. All in all the message is good. I’m not in the denial camp nor the global change hysteria camp. The documentary brings up good points but the political tone is obvious, especially when increasing taxes on undesired behaviour is promoted – and of course by the choice of politicians interviewed. Who are also the same politicians that start wars for oil (you know by lies of WMD’s and supporting “rebels”, for which they overthrow stable dictatorships and get islamistic dysfunctional nations). Resulting in the destabilization of the Middle East. Which brings war, terrorism, endless suffering, migrant streams and as we have seen, Europe gets economically and culturally hit by all of that. Then the same leaders apparently really want green-energy and no fossil fuels. Sweden wants to have a feminist government, be fossil fuel free, be a humanitarian superpower – and that with 10 million people and a country in decline. You get my idea here, one can’t have it both ways and be trustworthy.

Leonardo Di Caprio also meets the pope, as if he’s some sort of authority with any impact other than to keep the popularity of the Catholic Church updated as much as he can – in an ever non-Abrahamic western world. The solutions given are none though; always top-down based footages of UN (United Nonsense). Leonardo’s documentary focuses on big government solutions, not on ordinary people making changes, starting local businesses and improving their own life. The documentary view is that the ordinary man is incompetent and is only used for arguments on big government solutions. He could have promoted products with natural ingredients for the US citizen, who is the biggest consumer – and that would have made more impact than this music video of sentimental music, shallow arguments and all those approaches that have not worked before and won’t again. I know YouTube channels by ordinary people that change the habits of more people that Before the Flood ever will.

I do believe Leonardo DiCaprio is genuine, but I don’t think he has the right approach. Obviously saying things that were said 20 years ago and his top-down approach is alarming. This documentary is filled with hellish images of the future and the ice is once again a central theme. If we go back some years, experts said the icecaps would be gone by September 2016 – they were wrong (The Telegraph). So what good can Obama, Kerry, United Nonsense and all else from the top do which hasn’t already been done? Increasing taxes was the basic idea promoted in Before the Flood. Then implicitly blaming Republicans (with straw man fallacy) and yes, the tone is so simple. But we know better, practical, bottom-up solutions come from more independence and more local business and more locally based energy solutions. That’s what gets people active and caring, not the same old repetitive speeches filled with cliches about “we this and we that” in the UN assquarters.

If Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t after becoming a Democratic presidential candidate I think hope he makes some real documentaries about the toxic human existence at the moment – and how we can improve it.

Before the Flood full movie by National Geographic (They have removed the video, not worth spreading, even big corp money mountains won’t let loose their baksheesh).

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