February Spring Vibes in Mostar

The winter is gone already, and springtime is already here in Mostar. What else to call the time you already sit on the balcony and walk around in lighter jackets? We are rounding off our travels for this time, even though there’s more than a month left there are practical stuff to begin with so everything doesn’t clog up at the end. We plan on going to Split and after that return to Sweden. If things go well over the summer, then we’ll plan another winter trip.

Florens on the first spring day. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.Sanjin and Florens. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.Sanjin and Florens. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.Sanjin and Florens. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.Sanjin and Florens. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.Sanjin Đumišić. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.

Here are some daily family scenes from this fast flying February month. We also discovered the doll theatre in Mostar and are already set for the next show they have. We enjoy the atmosphere inside and Florens sits and enjoys the show too. The cherry trees are blossoming and the sun is shining a lot, which makes every day good for picnics at the various picturesque places in Mostar.

I also want to share some thoughts on our square lives and how to crack that prison. Further on how to liberate oneself from facts and information one choses to be fed everyday – there’s a big difference between the world in the information one digests and the actual sentiment present. People live alone and consume so much information alone that they never confront people in real life who have different opinions, nor meet the people they read about. Information buffet gives the illusion that we can be almost perfectly informed via the ultra-reproduced story we are told in the media channels of our choice.

One foot in the reproduced world and one foot in the real world. The latter is the one we can fill with our visions and be responsible for enriching. I got very happy to see young people, 20 or younger, giving me a hopeful impression of the future generation. Here are some thoughts about aging in our humanverse.

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