Analyzing the World Is Smart. Analyzing Yourself Is Brilliance.

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Everyone feels smarter while analyzing and mapping out what’s going on around us in the world, be that economy or politics or how a tree grows. Everyone feels like they expand their knowledge and awareness of the outside world by doing this. However we can easily forget, from time to time or altogether to do the same to ourselves. Map out ourselves, analyze ourselves a bit. Think of the time and place that made you deeply good, relaxed and where you felt the best was blossoming from you. What did you do, or not do, to get there? What state of mind brought you to there? What kept or keeps you there. Or what took you away? Reminding ourselves about this and taking notes will reveal a lot. Of how to stay there and how to get back. We can sort of map out and empower ourselves by valuing this map to our best self.

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