Remember 9/11

All the political, demographical, economical and military problems we have today were rooted in the tragedy of 911. The continuous wars, millions dead in the Middle East and countries destroyed over the last 17 years are still leaving us in an unstable future. Imagine if Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen could have had peace all these years. It’s better to have a slow progressive country under a dicto-democracy than in a war tormented and ruined democracy. It’s all a scheme. Today people easily forget what has led to the migrant crisis, the perpetual wars and so on. With the short attention span new points of conflicts are presented as time goes along. For us 911 is the tragedy that started it all. Nothing new in history but in our history a major event. Will our kids know three buildings went down? About the insurance scandal? The war games happening on the same morning? The trillions of dollars that disappeared? The whistleblowers that are no longer with us? The fake WMD’s and the why wars never end? This is not a documentary, just a short reminder I had time to cut together.

Here are links to some good documentaries to refresh with.

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