Western Men’s Sperm Reduction & 5G Canary Bird Cities

Here’s a “quick” 720p video on the fact (or fake news) that western men have lost half of their sperm production. While the articles regurgitate the why-why-why – it seems obvious that if this is true the culprit is the accumulative toxic soup we live in. Plastics, cosmetics, washing stuff, vaccines, wireless devices near the testicles etc… from an early age, non-stop until old age.

Here’s a simple way to use ethernet instead of Wi-Fi, thus reducing wireless radiation in your home or office.

    1. Disable WIFI and Cellular Internet
    2. Connect your device(s) via USB to your MacBook
    3. Go to ‘System Preferences’ and open the ‘Sharing’ options
    4. Mark ‘Internet Sharing’
    5. Select iPad USB and/or iPhone USB
    6. Check the box back at the ‘Internet Sharing’ option
    7. Click ‘Start’
    8. Enjoy!

Here are some thoughts on 5G and the case of Umeå, where it will be implemented as a canary bird project in Sweden. It’s alarming that the department for health- and environmental safety has no game in the safety nor decision making of 5G implementation. Rather, it’s a political decision in symbiosis with big corporations that want a head start. As always, omitting the health risks, research and so on. Neither 2G, 3G or 4G was implemented with any complete studies. This combined with the Wifization of schools ought to remind you about something else that goes straight in without scrutiny.

Tobacco was, overpopulation was another – and now wireless technology could be another decade long perpetuated misconception where the public is confused. Where big economical, political and technological interest override the interest of public health. Here’s a good video on how such misconceptions arise and stay alive. Now take this example in the documentary below and apply to any other field, the principles are similar.

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