Philosophy is Like a Tree

Philosophy is like a tree. At first you notice its size, its place in the surroundings and through time all the colors of the leaves through the season. Then you find out that there are roots that nourish the tree and a whole eco system below ground. The fascination of this makes you realize that the leaves were just a big bang beautiful show off. Like the intellectual philosophy on the surface, the mind-attaching kind of approach. As in getting fooled by the color of the leaves and the season as totally independent phenomenons, like some approaches in philosophy. Not to mention which. The roots underground seem to be the end station for a time until you get above the ground and above the clouds to our nearest sun and realize that’s what’s its all about! This expansion of consciousness and fundamental understanding is beyond your mind, beyond theory – as its only something to experience. Philosophy is about experience, to feel the questions and embody the realizations.

I am because I am and because the same force that put the sun in the heavens had given me life there on Earth. And life is far more beyond the perceptive material realm. Just remember that the most fantastic experiences are those beyond the senses.

And a tree and other natural phenomenons are just like philosophy.

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