Island by Aldous Huxley

The book Island (1962) by Aldous Huxley takes place on and island, where society is mature and aware of the stages in life. Through the main character from our part of the world, we get to meet the depths of their system in the island of Pala – how they maintain the utopia. This is something else than Brave New World, but as always in Aldous Huxley’s world there is always some kind of strategy and a system of sorts that makes the dystopi, or in this book, the utopia work. In the authors world of dystopia and utopia there is nothing left to chance.

I read it some years ago and reread it recently. Somehow I found a pocket from 1963, that is in really bad, but readable shape. It was dedicated to a Richard Hamilton in New York, way back in 1963. If you know him, or who he is, I’d gladly post you the book – maybe it will bring back good memories?

..and yes, you should read this book, especially if you’re planning to work in teaching, social science, history, or psychology.

Aldous Huxley - Island. This pocket is from 1963. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.

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