System Dwellers

Last night’s dream was played out in an insane asylum, psychiatric ward or a whatever you wanna call that. Everything was symbolic and metaphoric, and a reflection of what I’ve seen in people since I got back, after being away from their charade for a good long time. In this nut house I had a room, nothing in it, or sometimes something in it – it’s a dream remember. There were other rooms and I apparently had a thick glass window, rectangular and stretched out to my neighbor. As he was really sick and ugly I knew I must not look in at him or else I’d become like him. My rescue will come, I just have to keep strong like those buddhist prisoners locked up in cells for fifty years, repeating mantras, hiding their hope safe from the security forces entering their room five times a day.

In this dream the doors to my room would open, yet nobody elses would be open, no interaction between us. I thought I was privileged and wandered around the halls, these dark hals only lit up by the light from the rooms. I had to avoid looking into them, because you become what you see everyday, don’t you? Sometimes shouting I released tension and sometimes wondering what if I just took off and left? Apparently I realized after waking up that everyone got their doors opened up, we were all observed, all analyzed. This was something nobody escaped, it was a one way stream and a stream can’t change its mind and reverse to the mountain, to its depths like a grown up cannot go back to the safety of the womb either.

In once scene my wife was there and we had a dog. Happiness prevailed, we sat on a couch inside of the white room and watched something on a laptop or TV I can’t remember. I noticed we were directly observed and saw a stiff man and more men behind him in the dim halls looking in, through the glass door. I smiled back and waved but that caused no reaction in them. In this hell hole happiness is not what gets one out, neither is sanity, neither is nothing as one is stuck – until you become like your neighbor.

Scenes changed and began to sort plastic from the trash I had so it could get recycled. The insane guy in the room next door went far out or too deep into madness, they put him down with medication, he had someone else in the room, maybe a sister and his mother. I saw the medication nurse, a man who’d pull your brains out on the doctors orders if he had to, walk pass my glass door. I knew they will want to get me, medicate me and I could not fake it. No pills under the tongue possibilities here at all.

How to get out of this madness? Then I realized I was visiting someone else life, seeing life from the closed-eye perspective people have who are stuck in the wheel like a primate chasing something all their life. That chase become the goal in itself as the object of the initial stage has been forgotten. I realized this was how people live here, in this place I left for some time. They all think they are better than the person in the next room, they avoid their fellow people as they have this idea that something better for them is around the corner. D-day will arrive, cause a havoc and liberate them. Meanwhile they do as their neighbors because the system can’t let you have it otherwise, you have be under some toxic influence and messed up from the pineal gland and beyond. The only aspect they have left is to pretend, pretend they are better, smarter and points over their next-door human, be that a co-worker, family member or neighbor. This insane asylum I visited in my dream is their reality without any clothes off, this is their anthropomorphic king undressed. That’s the reality the system-dwellers see but are too imprisoned to accept and talk about.

I did something right in my life, that’s why I’m curious and made this soul journey to experience the system-dwellers inner state. In a sense witnessing something that could have been my life. But why, you just have to resist, stay put and love your way in and out.

What do you think?

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