Giza Power Plant – Technologies of Ancient Egypt

The book is interesting, entertaining and expanding on the pyramid topic. You’ll enjoy it! There are some great and detailed facts presented and references to earlier pyramid explorers.

Christopher Dunn presents his theory about the great pyramid of Giza, just like Jean-Pierre Houdin with his theory – focusing only on one pyramid. I lack the idea of what the other pyramids were according to Dunn’s theories, why the different sizes and so on. Were they all power plants or prototype versions? The author also opens up for some speculation and theoretical possibilities towards the end of the book. He is sure there was some technology at use that we could benefit from today. If the theory of the Giza power plant is correct, then it is possible to utilize the energy inside the Earth’s crust. Which could turn risk areas like California into an energy Mecca – while at the same time stabilizing the area from inside pressure. If you’re interested in ancient history, technology and resonance theory then this book will really satisfy. I’m wondering why this book hasn’t been revised since its publishing in 1998. It has sold well and some updates on the images, models and so on would really help it out.

Blending science and music, the ancient Egyptians had tuned their power plant to a natural harmonic of the Earth’s vibration. p224

It is distinctly clear that tenuous timing and fickle social circumstances surrounding key inventors and their inventions have shaped our technological landscape. p229

Giza Power Plant - Christopher Dunn.

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