Away We Go Again
Niccolò Machiavelli Was a Renaissance Whistleblower
Western Men’s Sperm Reduction & 5G Canary Bird Cities

Remember 9/11 All the political, demographical, economical and military problems we have today were rooted in the tragedy of 911. The continuous wars, millions dead in the Middle East and countries destroyed over the ...

Keeping It All Going On
Tito’s Bunker ARK D-0
Keep It Elevated
New Days – Psychedelic Drone Rock
Jim & George Morrison and the USS Liberty
Dad’s Daily Rhythm
Hike to Mostarska Bijela River Source in Prenj, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Summit Hike to Veliki Vranac on Čvrsnica Mountain, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Full Sail, Childhood Ahead
The Current Push for a Major Superpower Bellum
Goodbye March, Hello April
Ancient Sites of Hällkistan Dvärgahuset, Gravfältet i Hol & Ornunga Labyrint