January passed quite swiftly. Not passively but with determination. I had this feeling and went about ahead with my plans for this year. Life has brought me to this now already mentioned year for some stuff to happen, to make those checkmarks on my bucket list. I think everyone should plan for those action years from time to time. We live in a compartmentalized world and sometimes your character has no role to play besides those of your inner dreams and wishes. Let the others do theirs, take time for your own dreams. Make use of those opportunities as they come in different packages for all of us.

Finding out what ours are might take time, due to distractions, so much time that for some it comes almost too late. I’ve met old people who realized what it was for them, and that the last years of their life would be very special. They could have drowned in regret and retrospective blame drama. Yet they accepted what was and finally did what they felt was their gig in this realm. Now how about that…

Many say time goes faster as you age, but everything is about perception. I did this short video almost two years ago on time called ‘Our Collective Years’. It’s a bit over two minutes so I’ll insert it here.

But something is still natural, whether we watch a film of adventures or whether we seek them out – we still yearn for that wanderer within us. Sometimes I go to a place that reminds me of far away places, sort of like a preparation. During January I’ve began to prepare both materially and mentally by being outside more often as it’s stopped raining constantly, and we even have real winter vibes around us these days.

Be assured that if you take a break in whatever way you do, everything in the world of drama will be just as you left it. The never ending events are always there for your support, dismay, feelings, occupation of your mind and sometimes for your action.

As wanderers we also have the need for creativity. I can have an unfocused mind for a day but as soon as I begin to plug into that creativity I’m back on a clean starting point in my mind. The crux is not to deny or imagine you can reach a state of mind that won’t shatter at times. But to have that backdoor access to your own sanity, clarity and lust again. The stronger the backdoor we have the greater achievements can be made, as one can deal with more people and doings attached to you. On this topic there are millions of books published which proves how much that really matters… to be mastered.

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