History Changes by Force and Not by Historical Claims

In this video I want to talk about historical claims and why every time that word is used it’s always within the realm of hypocrisy. For example Trump, he would never give back the historical claims the Indians have of various territories and capitals of those territories within the United States. But being a Zionist puppet he’s of course keen on recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Look at Jerusalem’s timeline we see who has been governing Jerusalem over the thousands of recent years. First we have various Arabic Semite pagan groups. Then we have a Kingdom of Israel for a short while, then back to various pagan regimes. Then Romans, some Christians and so on and so on. Until Muslims took over, then lost it to the Christians, then regained it and eventually lost it to Israel who won the wars against the Arabs.

Let’s not kid ourselves, anytime a region changes rulers, flags, name or language – it’s by force. So when the Ottomans or the Muslims took Jerusalem it was by force. Even this time the creation of Israel is by force and genocide.

My point is: never base your existence upon historical claims because those are falsified and they can be manipulated. Historical claims might even mean nothing like in the case of the Tibetans. They don’t have a homeland anymore because they didn’t have an army.

What we know of history is quite speculative and sources come from one party. Sometimes if we have the sources from at least two parties, the opposite parties, we might get wider approach of the truth in the middle. But that’s the rare case. Even our version of chronology, our general historical timeline has been up for debate. So I’m not taking any side here. I’m just saying that things are done by force. They are not done by historical claims (which are a motive nonetheless) and people have been fooled by historical claims many times for various elites interests.

What do you think?

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  • John
    March 4, 2023

    History Changes by Force and Not by Historical Claims: This statement is true.
    History changes by might, deception, and a moral breakdown of the people.

    But if Trump were a Zionist puppet, he’d still be in office today, and the fake media would be claiming he is the best thing that ever happened to the political world in the last three hundred years.

    His popularity with the people is because he is not a Zionist, deep state, shadow government, banking cartel, or an international criminal syndicate puppet. His problem is that he does not worship at the same altar as the club of power brokers.

    By the way, Trump won in 2020!

    • Sanjin Đumišić
      March 4, 2023

      Yes he does, he hung out with Epstein and with all the bad players. He’s involved in things I won’t even name here due to decency. He was a zionist tool while in office, either you’re trolling or an imbecille not to know that. What you don’t understand by the blind love for that puppet (you fell for the program) is that all the players (presidents) are put into place for a purpose. When that purpose is over, off they go according to whatever plan is to be played out. Oh, Trump was a real posion jab hustler during the plandemic… Media plays you both ways, what you like and what you don’t. For that which other are supposed to support they offer an option – the same to that which is not to be liked. You sound very naive and duped by believing Trump is like you, for you and so on. If your research led you to what you wrote above, then I really wish you soberness and clarity in what is going on. Or you’ll just cling on to whatever next puppet is offered to you… /All the Best