Words read out tingle when it’s done honestly

It is in the moment of a laid back spring midday, when the temperature is just about right outside, inside and in that warm cup of joe, that I hear how wonderful the written word is. When it’s read out in a conversational tone. Mixed with the natural ambient or urban sounds beneath the balcony, depending on where I am, was and will be.

Whatever read out honestly will tingle me and the sensation of a connection with someone, alive or dead, with someones words, written or read, it sure tingles me. Like the young boy realizing that communication is what awaits in life and the powerful alchemical potential it has.

I must remind myself from time to time of this, and I read out poetry, read whole books or sing to my wife and our child still in the womb. We get so close and huddle up no matter what the text is, be that William Blake, Book of Revelation or my own words written long before this family milieu, but even then I knew I had it coming and the same goes for now. This is a reminder for me, for you and for my child. Words read out tingle when it’s done honestly. For the moments when we can do that means we are free from bad weather, we are safe and we have time to listen in and sprout our imagination in all directions.

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