Min Kära I Det Fria

Finally after ten years a song of mine got recorded, it took a decade but the right singer came along at the first shot. Back in 2009, around springtime, I wrote a song in Swedish which was meant to be sang by that Nordic folk voice that is typical of Norway and Sweden. However, I had just formed an instrumental psychedelic krautrock band and tried to squeeze that song in. Interesting, but not how it was meant to be sung. Years passed by, I even ran a music site called AlltFörMusik.se, where I met all sorts of musical people – but still no voice to be found for my song. More years passed by, in between travels, love, work, new projects and family life – I still didn’t find a voice.

Then in 2019, at the end of May, on a rainy day I was strolling around in Göteborg city. By some instant call I got the idea of going to the Academy of Music and see if I could get in touch with a singer. Not in the mood, but always respecting the instant calls I went there. It was empty, the cafeteria was open and I got a cup of coffee. I talked to one woman, she didn’t sing but said there must be someone right for me under the roof, but on a different day. Eventually I walked to the end of the facility and just stared at something, partly looking for a trash can for my cup. I threw the cup and saw a woman about to enter the building through the glass doors. She had her key deep in the backpack, so I walked up and open for her. She said “Tack”, and I let her pass by. My brain processed her sound once again and heard something of that Nordic folk style in that “Tack”. The chances of her being a singer are much higher inside these walls than on the outside, so I walked up to her.

From this point on everything went smooth, I explained what I wanted and what I was looking for. She nodded yes, and told me to send the lyrics. I did. During the summer she sent one interpretation and I immediately heard the voice style for which I wrote the song back in April of 2009. I told her about the ten years of waiting and that she was the right one. My mission was to get a decent solo recording of that song. We agreed upon that, agreed upon the commission and as their term began again in September I finally got the recording.

Now I have a beautiful version of the song, that’s a good starting point. My own voice didn’t do it justice but was good enough to give the singer a glimpse of the feeling. For the time being I have no musical arrangements for it, or the time to make them. But I do have other songs. And at last, an autumn video to accompany the song. Getting this done was on my 2019 list, I did it. The lyrics are dreamy and poetic, Linnéa’s voice made it alive, thank you! It meant a lot to me to get this done, I used to sing it for my children in the womb and at many other occasions.

Alla vill ju ha nånting mer ut däröver,
det du räds för mest, det du tränger ó nöder.

När du nu vill minnas hon som begav sig,
finns det i ögon hennes många små öden.
Lyss till ditt svall du är ej föröden.
Föröden av öden dom tragiska flöden.

Har du samlat nog med pärlor för dagen?
Dagen, den dagen, du vände bort bladen.
Fick du syn på havet ó det kändes i magen.

Av alla pärlor vita som blåa på krita,
vände du igen som min kära i det fria.
Fria, min fria, vi är ju ganska lika!

Till den dag du vet, men bävar på att tänka.
Ovanför din grav skall en dikt förtäljas,
alldeles för rar, för dig levande få höra.

English translation

We all want something more out there,
what you fear the most, what you need n’ desire.

When you now remember her that went away,
Her eyes are filled with small destinies.
Listen to your flow you are not ruined.
Ruined by destiny those tormenting streams.

Have you gathered enough pearls for the day?
The day, that day you turned over the leaves.
Glinting at the sea you felt it in your gut.

Of all the pearls white n’ blue on chalk,
you turned around again like my beloved one n’ free.
Free, oh my free one, we are pretty much the same!

Till the day you know, with trembling thoughts.
Above your grave a poem shall be told,
far too rare, for you alive to hear.

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