A Year is a Year in Any Year

Perception and presence in our time lines is equivalent to our vitality. Meaning that a vital person lives the time given and doesn’t treat time as a thief, but as a God given friend. When I hear someone say the years just run by, or that that they get less time or anything in that manner – It’s all wrong and not worth anything other than that the person who says that simply hasn’t got their time-vitality relation all worked out. Boring to listen to and most of the time you can’t teach them how to become in love with their time. You always have time for what you want.

A day is a day now as it was when one was a child, a year is a year when we were 12 and when we are adults, parents or even seniors. No excuses. There is a song by Birch Book called Feet of Clay that really catches the mood of blending your dreams and real life. Listen in and watch the video I cut to the song from the 1969 film More.

Another day, what do you say

We go and play out among the waves

Have some fun, under the sun

Take our rest when the evening comes

Look at the sky

Look at it, my oh my

How living the day can make you high

Our baby girl is past one year and during that year we’ve done so much together already, traveled, been on road trips, been to various places from the Norwegian mountains, to medieval Bosnian fortress and wandered in Dubrovnik by our selves for our selves almost, off season. Here’s a video collage of her first year in one minute.

I thank my wife for being so vital, positive and fearless while plunging into the future dreams and visions we share. Total trust and bravery.

Profile portrait of Lisa. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Lisa pregnant. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.

In my life, years ago, I always went solo on many adventures, meaning that afterwards you’d have no one to share the experience with. Just telling a story isn’t the same thing. Back then I didn’t have someone with me nor anyone who could join and plunge into the adventures, and I didn’t wait or miss opportunities because of that. During my teens I heard an interview with a musician, he said something along the line, that not until he had a family he was finally not solo. I sort of knew what awaited me when I heard that interview. Being a strong solo individual is destined to result in a creating a strong group, meaning family or something similar. Even back then in my teens, this life I’m having now is what I strived for, what I was certain to get and put my full trust in.

Florens and Sanjin in Haga Nygata Göteborg. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.

God wins and you lose, God wins and you lose

Don’t try so hard, to get it done.

God walks in your shoes, God walks in your shoes

Don’t run, to get it done.

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