Our Collective Years – Does Life Speed Up?

A year in the life of a child in its seventh year is about fourteen percent of a lifetime for them. Compared to a person in their fortieth year, which is only two point five percent of a lifetime. Obviously quantity is a key factor. Another factor is our collective years.

As we experience more life, meaning more years of more and more content and such, our lives will get intertwined into other peoples lives. The years of my dear and loved ones become my own, the years that pass from certain important events add up. Memories and stories also gather up. Even the years of history we read about and see traces of in architecture intertwine with our own. The point is that everything our minds deal with fill up a part of us. Otherwise we’d be confused and not be able to organize mental time- and event keeping at all. So a person with decades of life has all these years of events and memories from themselves, their close ones, their surroundings and their history – in addition to the micromanaged scheduled time from work, paperwork, household economy and whatever – to deal with. No wonder many say time flies by.

A year is a year in any year. We all know about the quote of filling years with life and not life with years. It’s all a habit, being active or passive in life. When I’m energized and despite having a lot of things to get done – if I still feel the immaculate sensation about something. Then it’s ok. However if I’m a bit overwhelmed or become victim of time, meaning starting to lose quality of perception and deeper attention. Then I can ask myself, is this just a phase, like say just an intensive period of work, moving into a new place or solving chaos. Then ok. That’s life too. Having a regular practice of attention or contemplation is a good way to speed down, focus and relax. For me energy isn’t about the amount of sleeping but how well all parts of my life are coexisting at the moment.

What do you think?

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