Michio Kaku is wrong on live music

The other day I listened to George Noory and Michio Kaku talking. Where Michio Kaku said (they) scientist have been wrong for the last 50 years in thinking the brain is like a computer. Now they have decided it works more like a corporation, a business. In the sense that the boss is not always knowing or needing to be aware of what all of the workers are doing. A new way of thinking about the brain has emerged. Anyway, basically he thinks we should now just trust them on this model, and as always ignore the hard problem of consciousness. In many ways Michio Kaku is great but he sometimes shows his non-understanding of things. For an example – live music. He mentioned on the show that people are (sadly) still cavemen and that we need physical “proof” of things when we do something. That’s why we go to see a concert instead of buying a record, which according to him is of more superior quality. And so it goes on…

Now, the fact is that Michio is probably not the type to enjoy music, he does other things. And his evolutional-caveman theory of we are-still-stuck is totally wrong. It is about energy, if he had once or twice been in the moment of a concert, experiencing the sensation and feeling. He would know it is about that energy – that has to do with consciousness connecting. A filed science has not explored and knows zero about – any scientist such as Rupert Sheldrake, Stuart Hameroff, has hard time getting accepted.

So we basically have this respected scientist and public educator saying and spreading theories that we are “stuck” in the stone age and when we grow out of it, we will be more functional and practical. Which leads Michio Kaku into talking about transhumanism. He is not there on the schedule as is Mr. Kurzweil. But he is also of the scared type saying “Why should we only live this short?” “We could live endlessly in silicon cyborg bodies” and so on and so on. Here is my earlier thoughts on transhumanism – .

My point is, if we have famous educators who cannot even understand the feeling of enjoying some activity as live music – we are guided in blindfold. The same goes on as to why the same people promise this fantastic futuristic cyborg future for humans – the post human era. We need instead more of a consciousness movement and if there comes along a cure for cancer, well super! But how about sharing the knowledge of peace, happiness, compassion, eating well, exercising and letting that cure us and keep us healthy. That should be the focus, start of by living your life the best you can for yourself and others. One has to be ignorant to think that the present dominant conscious state of mind in our western society will do any better off digitally in silicon bodies.

What do you think?

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