The Fool

Here we see a man, symbolizing the person who has began a journey or a quest for a calling, a dream or wisdom. For everything in our life that we want to learn and do, we have to have a honest fool in us, embracing that character. For he is naive and a fool, yet every mastery must start out that way. When we lose the fool within us, we also lose the opportunity to gain something new in life.

Don’t be bothered about being perceived as a fool, for the fool has that glimt in the eye of great potentiality. Be brave and do that you seek to do all in good intentions. Bring along what you will need and just do it!

The Fool has the number 0. It is the beginning yet also a returning point. For each mastery must start out with a fools fascination and will. The other cards in the major arcana are the aspects and things to overcome in the fools adventure.

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