2016 Begins…

This year is going to be packed with events and adventures to look forward to. But it all lives of what happened in the past. Like a momentum that depends on taking every day to the fullest, burn it and let the ashes and manure from past mistakes nourish the future to come. Last year was a culmination of many visions from going back many years. It all started with the joy of waiting for our first child, unstable economy and a February to March spent in Berlin. The spring turned into summer and Florens was born in midsummer. That happiness continued to the autumn and our two month stay in Bosnia & Herzegovina, with adventures, experiences and beauty to be seen.

That year ended much better for me, I’m now self-employed full time and working with what I’m most interested in. Having a non-location dependent work (being a digital nomad), we as a family can look forward to more adventures and quality time together. 2016 begins as a manifestation of many past visions and dreams. I feel proud, grateful and amazed by the sort of mysterious feeling of looking back at those distant days I could only conjure up vague visions of where I am now. Seeds planted that now live strong in any weather.

That is why I consider that dreams precede everything. An alchemical process that I want to pass on to my children and anyone interested. If you don’t dare to have it too good to be true, then you aren’t ready for it.


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