Full Sail, Childhood Ahead

I’m glad to have my kids enjoy themselves in Mostar, my place of birth and through their vital joy I feel like I’m having a second shot at my childhood here. The climate is good, things are close, there are things to do for kids and adults nearby. We like it and it feels totally right for this time in our life. My wife said, this is so precious, we’re young and our kids are just in the right balance. Aurelia being the calm, happy and healthy baby together with Florens who’s mature enough to be one of us. Besides all the routine parenting stuff we have a great time. Things are easy to deal with at the moment, there’s plenty to do and explore. We were looking forward for this place and space ever since we returned from our last time around, where concluded that chapter in the beautiful city of Split.

It feels like I’ve completed a lap, loop or level in life where I’m now at my own physical starting point having a second shot at childhood together with my kids. With all the things done, experienced, learned, gained and lost – I’m ready for the new life-loop ahead.

Baby Aurelia, Sanjin, Norwegian Air. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.Aurelia and Florens, Mostar morning. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Street art in Mostar.Strawberries in Mostar.

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  • Daniel Jacobsson
    May 17, 2018

    Ah…en till. Tiden går, grattis!