“Wisdom lamps” UFO 1884

While reading Empty Cloud by Xu Yun (Hsu Yun) (26 August 1840? – 13 October 1959) there is an interesting passage on page 23. A surprising UFO reference in the form of wisdom lamps, from the year 1884 in the autobiography. Located in Mount Wutai.

I climbed the Da-luo Peak, where I paid reverence to the ‘wisdom lamps’ said to appear there. I saw nothing the first night but on the second, I saw a great ball of light flying from the Northern to the Central Peak, where it came down, splitting a short while later into over ten balls of different sizes. The same night, I saw on the Central Peak three balls of light flying up and down in the air and on the Northern Peak, four balls of light which varied in size.

This is a clear reference to some kind of ball lightning or UFO. Maybe, this could have been what caused the Tunguska explosion? There must be so much more of these observations hidden in books you don’t expect to find any UFO references.

On page 52 there is another sighting of the same kind, this time on Mount Emei.

Late in the nights, we saw countless heavenly lamps whose brilliance was akin to the ‘wisdom lamps’ previously seen on Mount Wutai.

What do you think?

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  • chuck
    June 11, 2014

    Very cool, Thank you for sharing this and to open minds where I read about !

  • Anne Pemberton
    August 1, 2014

    I believe what the Master saw. In the mid 60’s I spent several weeks in the Mustang Pass(forbidden area for westerners), and saw animated lights and globes high over the mountains, and sometimes swooping down into a valley, then soaring away, straight up in the blink on your eye. No sound, no after-sound, just motion and light. Several objects( surely thats what they were), seemed to be programmer for the way they were flying,, and then vanishing as if intoa tunnel in the night sky.

    • Sanjin Đumišić
      August 3, 2014

      Hi Anne & Thanks for sharing that story! Would like to hear more about it of course. Have you seen the Hessdalen lights in Norway? There are good recordings of them on youtube. Would you say what you saw is somewhat similar to those recorded in Hessdalen?

      /All the best