The Tunguska Mystery 1908 – Book by Vladimir Rubtsov

This is a fantastic book on the Tunguska mystery. Presenting different theories, histories and people involved in the research until Soviet opened up. Very oriented on the actual Soviet perspective from the researchers that from the beginning and up to a long time were the only one who could investigate the Tunguska mystery. Vladimir Rubtsov did a great work on this book and I highly recomend it to anyone interested in the topic!

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On the morning of 30th June 1908 an enormous blast and light came over Siberia. It would become the biggest known explosion phenomenon in our recorded history. All the way to Europe the geophysical measuring equipment noticed changes. It too 19 years, until 1927, before the first expedition arrived to the site – where they encountered an area of 2,150 km² knocked down trees, a flat forest. The trees were broken like matches. The expedition anticipated to find a crater and the rests from a meteor, but that never happened and the quest for the meteor would turn out to be a paradigmatic understanding from that time. Leonid Nulik was the man that initiated the expedition to find the meteor – and even though it never was found his devotion was of most importance, otherwise the interest and research would have faded out. The assumption would have been that it definitely was a meteor. Remember that all of this happened in a turbulent era, where Russia and Soviet underwent catalytic changes in social and economic structures with first world war, revolution and the closing in of the second world war.

Broken trees in Tunguska. Photo: Evgeny Krinov.
Broken trees in Tunguska. Photo: Evgeny Krinov.

During the years teams of scientist from the former Soviet have laid forth many theories and scrapped just as many. Until the first nuclear bomb explosion scientist where busy with explaining how a meteor could have had exploded in Tunguska. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki the scientist changed the approach – the first observation was the similarities seen from the Japan footages and the documentation of Tunguska. The trees did not show evidence of a forest fire in Tunguska, but more similar to an atomic bomb.

Odd biology in Tunguska. Image from Vladimir Rubtsov's book.
Odd biology in Tunguska. Image from Vladimir Rubtsov’s book.
Map of Tunguska epicenter biology. Image from Vladimir Rubtsov's book.
Map of Tunguska epicenter biology. Image from Vladimir Rubtsov’s book.

The explosion seems to have had an un-natural reason in the sense that it could have been some yet not known phenomenon. At the time in 1908 no country had the technology to make such a blast. Could it have been an unknown space weather phenomenon? Crash landing of an alien spaceship that choose Tunguska because it’s so remote from human society?

In the 1980’s a Soviet scientist by the name of Sergey Dozmorov, who specialized in the properties of rare earth minerals, did a study in the Tunguska impact area. The results showed very increased levels of thulium, europium and terbium. Dozmorov explained that: The results show an odd composition of ceramic superconductive structure that could be used for energy or information transfer (Rubtsov page 191). Some find this as evidence that the object from space was indeed artificial. Dozmorov continued the studies after he disappeared one night. The police stated that he had accidentally poisoned himself. Sergey Dozmorov got to be 36 years and was at the time an eminent scientist in his field of work.

According to a theory by scientist Robert Foot and Zurab Silagadze the Tunguska incident is explained by theoretical physics och mirror matter. That is materia that never comes in contact with our world, or rather our universe in the multiverse. But in some instances an object can pass through our Earth without any reaction – and if somehow a group of photons react from our universe with the mirror matteria from another universe, then we may get palpable effects. In this case that would be the Tunguska mystery that is still beyond our understanding.

The Tunguska Mystery - Vladimir Rubtsov.

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