Stefan Klaverdal – Meditations

In October 2014 I wrote up something about the then freshly released album Evocations by Stefan Klaverdal. It was autumn and the album had an autumn feeling in it. Now, two years later, another album by Stefan is out called Meditations, once again October and once again with an autumn feeling. This time around he’s made a pure ambient album, based around a Steinway A flügel and (as always with Stefan) his laptop.

Back in 2014 I listened to his album on a road trip to Bergen, this time I’m in a house in Öland. When I wake up early while it’s still dark, I put on the album, make a hot cup of something and enjoy the stillness. This album is like one track, sliced up in pieces, but it passes smoothly and is wholesome which in my opinion makes a good ambient album. There are no stops or fences, nothing to bother about. It sets the right mood.

The inspiration and starting point for this album came about from an interview project he did, where people freely reflected on questions about life, death, the irreversible passing of time and God.

“This music was composed as associations to ten such big questions in relationship to interviews with 20 people. every question got a small melody that transformed into these songs.some of them you can meditate to, some raises more questions and some comment the question.”

Whether you listen once, or come back to his music, you’ll undeniably sense presence in his music. Listen in!

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