Klättermusen ‘Einride’ Review – A Functional & Stylish Shell Jacket

I didn’t find any review of this jacket nor the brand Klättermusen before buying it – in contrast to how many Fjällräven related videos there are out there. I got the model Einride and have used it for almost six months, even washed it two times. Here’s my presentation of it.

This is a high quality Swedish brand and the name Klättermusen means the Climbing Mouse. Although at first it might sound like a children’s clothing brand – they make professional high end stuff.

The name Einride by the way is one of the many names for the god Tor, and it’s an old Norse name that means the lonely traveler, or he who travels alone.

It is a stylish and functional shell jacket for all seasons and all sort of activities. Form climbing, hiking and less exciting everyday use. It is wind and so so slightly water resistant. This jacket is made from 100% organic cotton. The fibers expand upon rain and tighten up so lighter rain can’t get through, for a while at least. This method was common prior to the plastic age, especially in the military. Klättermusen evolved that method into their own patent called EtaProof.

In heavier reainfall, you either have an umbrella, another jacket, get wet or stay inside.

The benefits of the cotton material is in the comfort, it is more silent or at least makes a sound more pleasant than synthetic materials when you move. I use the Einride when it’s cold, with a warmer sweater underneath, like a turtle neck, and when it’s warmer with just a shirt or t-shirt under. The winter has been unusually mild so I’ve used the jacket on a daily basis.

I have washed the jacket twice at 30 degrees and let it air dry. I do sense a tiny shrink from the first time. It should withstand 30 degrees and only air dry. Cotton does shrink a bit and jackets must get washed. If you’re on the fence about two sizes, pick the larger. As these jackets have a slimmer fit.

The only practical dingle that the jacket could have been without are the thumb holders for the elastic cords which tighten the sleeves. As they do get in the way. I think a tighter arm end could have been sufficient, or a discreeter way of tightening the arm end. My solution is to wrap around the loose end until it stays in place. However, anything besides velcro is good enough.

The pockets are good and easy to access. However I wish the inner pocket was bigger, or at least wider for a wallet or travel documents.

The zippers are good and sturdy and the seams protected from the rain. When opened up they regulate ventilation. However, the zippers get stuck often.

The jacket is reinforced at the elbows, sleeves and hips. It’s a patent called Duracoat which means that the cotton is treated beforehand to be stronger and still remain flexible. That results in the seamless and integrated finish.

Another cool thing is that you can fix and patch up the jacket in case it tears apart at places. Klättermusen offers that service but a handy person with a needle and a thread can too.

Klättermusen has good quality stuff, and it’s expensive. I got this one on a sale and would recommend waiting for a sale or outlet of past years models.

All in all I like the jacket and use it daily, it’s almost a perfect all around jacket. Besides the functionality it also looks good with its minimal and discrete approach of the design.

Update: Here’s a follow up review!

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