I want mountains and water

After many places, cities and countries visited I feel that I’m getting closer to realize where I want to live. So does my wife. At the moment we’re in Berlin and enjoying ourselves. But it’s a closed space if I compare it to some small town in Andalusia, where you have ocean on one side and mountains on the other. The feeling that you’re inside a city and blocked of the natural elements is present, no matter what good there is in the city. Especially if you’ve lived in places that have mountains and water nearby. My favorite place so far is Norway and Andalusia, and so was Ladakh – also when I think about my town of birth, Mostar, it has both mountains and water. So it’s something one is used to or not, perhaps even born with. I don’t feel like a flatlander. Also it is good for kids to experience real life out there and get in touch with people who are on to something for real.

The feeling that you can sail away at any time or get to the higher grounds is something a city never offers.

View from Namgyal Tsemo Gompa in Leh. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.

The wish to find the ideal place and let ones fantasy decide is not something I consider wishful thinking. It’s very possible. First of all, you can do anything, and after that you must realize things will not be exactly as you imagine. And, to be happy you must enjoy what you already have and have that state of mind balanced. Which I feel is something both Lisa and I have come long ways into.

Lisa Sinclair in Lofoten. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.

So, the important thing is what will you live off economically? Can you get income and survive? Do you have skills that are needed everywhere? Do you have some online business? To solve this one has to set up a long term plan and work towards a goal. To get a goal you must imagine and let your inner wish lead the way. It can take a year or more but there is no need to be discouraged nor feel it impossible to establish a life anywhere on the globe you want to. Within limits and practicality as always!

But I want that water and mountains near me. I love the mix of natural elements it offers. The seasons and the dynamics in sky that can happen, like huge thunderstorms and so on. You can be in the water and walk the heights, where the higher perspective inspires and relaxes you.

Today with the internet working its way into every corner of our lives there seems to be less reason to stay in a cluttered place. There are possibilities to have a home in more than one place. If you are capable of living modest, minimal and in that regard a more pure life – you’ll end up with money to do things with. So this is not at all a question of being rich or privileged, it’s about teamwork especially if you have a family involved. Life is an adventure if you stop wasting money on urban trivia.

Norwegian Air flight Bodø - Oslo. Photo: Sanjin Đumisić.

City boy wants the nature and the small town boy wants the city? Is the grass greener on the other side? I don’t really look at it like that. I’m certain it has to do with the fact that when you actually experience the beauty of nature and the opportunity it gives for many sorts of activities, physical and mental.

There is always that place to return to and I personally really feel at home when in that place for real, and not in the memory alone.

So how will this all end? In one way or another and I’ll share the experiences here.

Sanjin enjoys the beach. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.

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