Ending Questions and Problems Through Honesty

Everyone knows the answers to the questions asked. If we are honest to face them that is. Either there is a truth too honest for us to share or something based on years of misconceptions. In either case the work of letting the answers flow freely leads to the path of better living. Problems are also created by us, when the actively find flaws in us or around us. Then we can get lost for years in search for salvation or solutions. These habits make us live off the friction created by this blockage between our inner answer and confronting them. That energy is in the end destructive and not wholesome. Habits make actions and this is karma basically. When you enlighten yourself these habits can change immediately, or the new you dive out of the waters to swim wherever you please. All it takes is total honesty with yourself and together with people near you you can be whole and they too – with both the mundane aspects taken care of and the inner workings of the human soul. Freedom is honesty.


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