Politics are like sewer canalization – We must stay focused

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Politics are like sewer canalization. You can stop following or think about it for a while. But it will always stay the same. The sad reason for bigger and more bureaucratic corrupt governments are the masses of people who ignore their own individual and collective potential.

We have enormous potential as individuals and as a collective. But if we ignore that or cloud it by ignorance, that potential will power up more blinding purposes – in our lives and in our society. I choose to focus on that potential and power, on that sovereignty and to do it in respectful and compassionate way as far as I can. Knowing that too many of us grow up clouded by false perceptions and teachings from society, that undermine our realization of this powerful potential.

I’m on my way and know we are many on our way. Each generation should have a great amount of people who want to wake up. Otherwise we will be swallowed by a thick and constant fog. That is something I wish not to leave to future generations. Nor to have on my conscious. I will do what I can and try even harder!


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