All religions are bad – But good men are found in every religion.

I want to address the saying that “all religions are good”, or something along those lines. It’s regurgitated in some contexts and I don’t agree with it at all.

Every major religion out there has a bloody history. Starting from the oldest religions, to the popular old testament and the genocidal descriptions in it, which only wishful fans can interpret in any symbolic way. The same goes for any other book. Es ist was es ist – it is what it is. They all share a bloody, non-peaceful and shameful story and all have promoted and justified disgusting behaviour and actions. No exceptions, even Buddhism was spread with the sword.

How then do we find the good within that? There are two reasons for that. First and foremost good men find good aspects in anything. That doesn’t need further explaining. The other aspect does; it is that all those “words by god” books were written and edited long after the actual (fictional and/or modified) happenings. Religions are organizations. Not to be confused with wonderings or experiences of determinism, the universal plan, theism, holographic universe and forces beyond our understanding – on our individual level. These fundamental metaphysical questions and feelings are genuine, they are enough on their own.


What about god/God?

The creator of the universe does not need any insane genocidal book written by humans (if such a creative universal force exists at all). The creator doesn’t care for imagery or kitschy depictions of saints, gods, demigods and what have you. The creation is all around us. Just clear your mind clutter and say “Hi!” to what’s surrounding you with an open heart to get familiar with the creation. Doing that in nature is wonderful, but the murky side of our human existence is part of it as well.

Since faith and feeling are not enough for too many people. many have chosen a club, or even worse, gotten into it through their parents. Meaning in most cases they cannot imagine a possibility of faith and feelings of the creator outside a religious club membership. This is what it comes down to, all of those club members always believe they belong to the true and genuine club. That leaves us with the feeling that any form of respect and tolerance of other clubs is just a polite game. But I do think many mean it and are really tolerant of other peoples lives, that they are so secure in their faith that their respect towards others is genuine. This is rare.

To get back to the blog post title, in the end, whenever you hear someone say all religion is good and loving. It is not true. But good men will find good in any religion.

What do you think?

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