U.G. Krishnamurti – The Destroyer of Delusion

If all knowledge, ignorance, wisdom, non-wisdom and any sort of mental knot or idea of freedom one might have – would have an epicenter, a sort of a black hole that takes it all and spits it out again with no mercy or regards to your illusionary happiness or well-being. Then this is the man who’d embody such a vortex or black hole.



Given that U.G. Krishnamurti’s talks are very well preserved on video and audio, we can all get our dose of that in his talks which reminds us about clarity and makes us snap out of it! I have like many others when I first heard something from him, began to label the man. Is he a nihilist? Is he bitter about something? Is he real or fake? Well, he is and unlike many others he became the reluctant teacher; never charging the people who came to him, to his house basically. He laughs and jokes, well what is he so passionately frustrated about I wondered. Is it a frustration or something else, like passion? (Although in the videos from his last years he was really oozing bitterness and just comments not worthy even mentioning – I’m focusing on his earlier years and detach those form the actual persona)

In almost all of the surviving recordings he confronts the guests or they confront him. At least there’s a dialog. Often in a home, hotel room or something alike. The recordings are genuine and spontaneous; guests would bring a camera and record as they pleased. It’s one thing to plan lectures and talk about stuff and another to be recorded unrehearsed. He did these discussions for so many years and they are raw and uncut. Some of the video recordings are like “perfect moments of cinema” to paraphrase something Werner Herzog would say.



For those who, sooner or later, get back to his recordings after the initial aversion will feel as getting something out of a man. Who is an embodied black hole for all “schoolboys logic” out there. U.G. Krishnamurti gave free talks, people came to him, he couldn’t make them stop – and there are funny accounts of that in the many recorded discussions out there.

People came to him, with the same questions and doubts which we all ask and think of – and he always dissected those questions and ideas. Just like a black hole; whew all is swallowed and was thrown out is up to each of us.

…I admire his patient manners though all those years of putting up with people coming to him like flies hitting the windshield on Autobahn.

Some of those recordings are like a great movie scene, they are entertaining, they are also helpful reminders and discoveries for first time watchers. For me, after watching tons of material, I’ve noticed the repeating questions and confusion he’s addresses and I admire his patient manners though all those years of putting up with people coming to him like flies hitting the windshield on Autobahn.

Why did he accept all that and take the time? Why not I guess, conversations are a thing most of us enjoy, but in his case people repeatedly couldn’t bear the answers he gave, the ideas he proposed.

In more mundane terms his mental inspiration is that of becoming a black stallion. A healthy animal out in the wild. This of course to some implies immediate chaos, but those people are often not ready to understand and become that strong. Since their mental block and the possibility of nothing for no real reason at all means maximum entropy. U.G. wasn’t a cruel man, as people who preach love and all that can be, like a Janus in their minds and motives. Also from my personal experiences, being in places like Kashmir and others with loose laws people still are honest and have dignity. That’s a choice one makes, not something that follows a realization of nothingness or being very libertarian minded.

Anyway, here’s a pick of the most potent U.G. recording out there. Really, no film script can duplicate these intense conversations so sit back, relax and enjoy.

I also recommend this site full of personal accounts with U.G. Krishnamurti – The Final Travels of U.G. Krishnamurti.


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