Quantum entanglement synchronicity

There is proof that particles can interact instantly and faster than the speed of light. The phenomenon is called quantum entanglement. If two particles are close together that their properties become linked they will keep their entanglement inextricably linked even if they are separated, behaving in synchronicity. This applies to subatomic particles and since we are made out of those it implies something for us, humans. As above so below is works for particles, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes. Why wouldn’t it? If there is to be an unified theory it must be present everywhere, and if there is no unification then everything is without it. I recently listened to John Edgar Mitchell in an interview talking about this, a man I truly admire. He is among many others that talk about the merging of science and consciousness. We are a part of the same world and universe as this phenomenon.

It is in our human experience that I’m interested in this phenomenon. In our human experience the same phenomenon exists, you probably have your own references. For me it has been about reactions like waking up in the middle of the night to something that was happening or just around the corner to happen, to an person close to me. Synchronized entanglement.

The periods in my life where I’ve done more deep relaxing, more meditation and had a more vibrant lifestyle – the feeling and relation for my reality accelerated. When we live to the present and trust our universe, the same time as we are wise and want to learn but still manage to forgive and look forward – something happens. For me the activity of the body and mind, especially the non-activity of the mind, is essential.

Listening to other peoples stories and experiences is interesting, but what’s also interesting is the neglecting of any kind of reference and exploration of the extra experiences. I have listened to some older people mention really amazing experiences, but somewhat they never took it up again, and lived their life among people who had cut that connection. That goes to say, learn from others mistakes.

I think this kind of consciousness entanglement gets clouded and forgotten if it is cut off or in different ways suppressed in our society. Not always intentionally – but surely suppressed by ignorance, negligence and fear of what it would imply. Simply the habit of not mention and talking about it, while media and peoples minds are flooded with hollow trivialities. So when the possibilities are cut off at a young age it takes a certain amount of effort to get back into it again. It leaves people to face things without help, guidance and take the hits, while some succeed others fail, give up and never look at the possibilities again.

Good luck coming back into the quantum mindset and feeling the entanglement! There are many good methods and books out there. But the most important is being true to the heart. And watch out for those who want to put down anything realting to that and those who are just out of their minds.


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