Mark of Cain and the Birth of Hinduism in the Indus Valley Civilization

Reading the Genesis chapters I come to this speculation about Cain, the mark he got from god and about the land he left for ”east of Eden”. This is speculation and not rooted in any evidence of course (like many other things in the Bible), yet I find it funny, or rather interesting. So here’s some alternative Bible history.


First of all, from my own studies it seems the Bible was an updated version of something that was there before it was written – as the many stories are to be found in Sumerian writings. Also many symbols and structures are to be found in Egyptian religious writings. Specially regarding the sun. I just wanted to say that, since I don’t believe any book was written or directly told by the God. But I find it very possible that all those stories are remnants and altered version of older stories about something that took place. However, the God should not be confused with the god in the scriptures. I believe in some form of grand universal architecture and do not hold an atheistic ”it’s all a chance” stance. But religion is funny and through organized forms it makes a whole lot of people act and think in a certain way.

Let’s assume that when Cain left Eden, the garden of god, he set out to another place where there already were people. Since god supposedly made all humans and races on the same day. Then Eden must have been some sort of a base, or a protected special area and maybe even a civilization. Anyway, Cain got to the land of Nod which lies in the east of Eden. Geographically that could be the Indus Valley.

Now, here’s the funny bit. Cain dealt with crops (Abel with animals) and after the murder of his brother Cain got the mark. If god wanted the mark to protect him, then the forehead would be a good place to put it on. If we assume that the mark was the Hindu Tilaka – we have the birth of eastern religions, Hinduism. The basis of vegetarianism, compassion and karma in Hinduism come out of the wisdom learned by Cain. Could he have been the forefather of the religion? When Cain says ”My punishment is greater than I can bear” one senses a true regret and realization of ones own mistake. Something very prominent in the eastern religions in the form of karma.

One could say that the Abrahamic religions are based on obedience and when Eve took the apple punishment came. While the eastern religions are based on self-realization, as in the life of Cain, he begins with a profound mistake and then undergoes a journey in understanding, or even awakening. But nothing more is written about it in the Bible. Looking at some of the main differences in the Abrahamic and easter religions this could bear true.

I believe that Eden was not a divine place and that all of universe is divine, or not at all. Looking at it like this on the story of Cain I get a funny sensation of how historical the Bible really is. Because the Bible is a consensus book and not written by god and then published – it is fragmented and the content is selected. But even so, we can actually look at Cain as someone who began his spiritual journey through a huge mistake of killing his brother. Unlike the Buddha in a perfect tale or as in Jesus life. It would have been interesting if more was left in on Cain’s story but my speculation over a hot cup amused me and maybe you too. For who knows in the end?

To summarize:

  • Cain’s mark is the Hindu Tilaka.
  • His background as the crop worker and murderer of his brother leads him to develop awakening and the teachings of karma.
  • East of Eden is what was in ancient times the Indus Valley Civilization and that’s where Cain ended up.
  • Cain was the founder of eastern religions that are based on self-realization rather than obedience and punishment.

Featured image: Cormon, Fernand – Cain flying before Jehovah’s Curse.

What do you think?

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  • yogendra
    January 29, 2016

    Three most popular cities of Indus valley civilisation are mohanjodaro (mohan Jo daro) means mound of dead, harrapa (hara appa) means father hara, Lothal ( Loth thal) means thal or place of Loth or mound of dead.

    Now interestingly mohanjodaro & Lothal means the same, mound of dead, I.e., Loth ( In Hindi Loth means dead part of body or if child born as dead.
    Now, harappa means father hara.

    It is established that there existed civilization prior to Indus valley civilization, that means names of these cities were taken after coming of some legendary.
    Myths says one of son of Edam & eve was Loth mean dead born baby.
    In bible & Qur’an it says that Loth was son of Haran & nephew of Abram who or sons fled to East of mesopotima. East of mesopotima is Indus valley civilization where exists cities Mohanjodaro, Lothal, Harrapa.
    Means that sons of a person gives name of his land a name in respect of forefathers. As if knowledge full persons from mesopotima or Sumerian civilization came to Indus area where there were already people & taught them his knowledge of agri, dam, drain, baked bricks.

    Also Rama is epic legendary person or god or lord for Hindu Indians who founded melhua. Meluha also occurs in mesopotima civilization as trade place in east, Where Ram word is a identical word to that of Abram, that ram was a word also known to then India even before the child or lord which was given name as Rama.
    As per Hindu texts, there were classes of creatures as those living in India are Manav (son of manu which is Edam or adam), then there were other class as God ( as per hindu text god were simply authorities controlling fire, wind, wealth, agriculture, rain, sea, mountain, much same as those mentioned in Sumerian or mesopotamiam civilization), then there were another class of demons or the ahsur, which looks identical to ahsur or ahsyrian as person of ahsyria. As per Hindu texts both gods & ahsurs fought many battles, many of won by ahsurs. Also many times ahsurs were more powerful than gods, that god use to take support of Manavas class of persons in India, that king dasrath father of Hindu lord Ram was called upon by gods in their fight with ahsurs & dasrath returned to his home after serving for god in war with ahsurs, in that war gods were winner. Also when gods & manavs were frightened from ahsurs, they went to take help from another supreme class of creature known as lord Shiva, who was also worshiped for blessings by ahsurs. As per Hindu texts, mountain kedar or cedar in China is seat of lord Shiva. Among the species found in remains of Indus valley civilization are the persons of mangoliya or China.
    As per Hindu texts, manav perform fire to feed there god, and ahsurs destroyed those fires, and that both gods as king of manav and ahsurs came to India and started living in India.

    Karachapar or Karachi as well as Lanka was a port under control of god kuber custudian of taxes from trade at port Karachi, whose general was a ahsur Ravan, who later rebelled & kidnapped god kuber, known as ahsur king ( demon king) Ravan of Lanka & kept many gods as his captives. Ahsur king Ravan kidnapped sita, wife of Ram, later Ram with blessings of supreme shiva & gods & army of monkeys ( homoerrectus as persons before origins of homosapiens) invaded Lanka, killed ahsur Ravan & gave liberation to wife sita, god kuber & other god captives of Ravan, yet gave the kingdom of Lanka to ahsur brother Vibishan to rule, as he was helping Ram during war of Lanka.
    Ram returned to home ayuodhiya established melhua to rule for many years, worshiped later as lord or god by Hindus in India, where Hindu is not a religion & is word for people leaving near great river Hindu abbreviated from Sindhi later known in English or by Roman as river Indus.

    Much later Hindu texts says, there happened to be war of alliances including countries of North ( Afghanistan),east (kamboj or kambodia), west (mesopotiman), south & central asia. War is known as Mahabharata happened in India,which used war weapons intensified up to nuclear levels which caused devastation of civilization.

    Interestingly, gods in India were Aryans, which came from Aryan (Iran these days), & India much before in times of Aryan was known as Aryavrat, a name which combines the language of Arya and Sanskrit ( a native language of then India).

    The river Sindhi or Indus still originates from mountain Kedar in China, place of Shiva, flows in northern India then goes to present day land of Pakistan,, a land of Indus valley.

    • Isana
      June 2, 2016

      Very much enlightening if I must say. You both should collaborate and write a book.

      Regarding Aryavrat, could it be the same as Eufrat / Euphrate river in Iraq?

      This is so much mind shattering. Seriously you guys, write a book.

      • Sanjin Đumišić
        June 2, 2016

        Hello Isana!

        I’m glad you appreciated this =)

        That connection of Aryavrata and Eufrat is really clear but yet so hidden in the word and pronunciation mix.

        I’ll try to make a YouTube video on this, to sort of present the summary of the theory. Hopefully more people might find it and make their input. Which can lead to more dots getting connected.

        /All the best

    • Sanjin Đumišić
      June 2, 2016

      Thank you for that elaborate and interesting input! This surely adds to further interest and ignites the imagination of what really was happening way back in those times.

      /All the best

      • Isana
        June 3, 2016

        Sir, both of you. What you have here is very much well-reasoned and quite make sense, the timeline, the resemblance, everything.

        “And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. –”

        I’ve always thought that Adam isn’t a person, but a group of advanced Homo Sapiens living among Neanderthals, or could be just a genetic material, but nevertheless, a progenitor of modern human.

        Also, notice the devastating eruption of Mount Toba around 75 thousand years ago. This is where all the world’s flood myths came from. The tsunami caused by the eruption are so massive, it changed the earth’s weather system, causing apocalyptic winter aftermath –And of course the great Homo Sapiens exodus, the ‘Atlantean diaspora’.

        Please, write some more, sir. Can’t wait for that Youtube video! I’m intrigued.

        • Sanjin Đumišić
          July 21, 2016

          Hello Isana! Here’s the YouTube video – – it is basically like this post and just a way to share this theory to more people. The Mount Toba connection you make is interesting as even mainstream theories suggest humankind was almost wiped out. Where only a bottleneck population survived and we all sort of began from that.

          A lot points to some general and enormous catastrophe that ‘reset’ humankind, civilization and everything. But how far back, what kind of disaster it was and such is not known. It is worth digging into the myths of different ancient belief systems and compare them, to look for name similarities, similar symbolism and such. An interesting task where answers might be found and also with paths leading to nowhere.

          /All the best

    • Brent
      November 8, 2020

      I had the same thought searched it and came to this article. You brought more knowledge from the background of tilaka. Land of nod is big deal. Book of enoch sheds light on this as well. More in depth look at the falling Angel’s

  • Keith
    January 8, 2017

    I’m surprised you don’t know who Cain is. If Cain founded Hinduism that would make him the first yogi. Who’s the first yogi in the Hindu religion? Hint, he has a third eye.

    • Sanjin Đumišić
      January 13, 2017

      Shiva of course! Although my theory is based on general information and personally I don’t believe in any of it to be literal or the historical truth, neither the Abrahamic stories nor any other. But I see a thread of stories shared among many ancient traditions (trees of life, snakes, underworlds, gods in heaven, etc etc). /All the best

  • Jean
    June 8, 2018

    You’re agnostic. Welcome to the fray. Some of us are impossible to brainwash, re genius and know better then to by the crap of major cookie cutter patriarchal religions built on fear, intimidation & supremacy, to control the masses. And for the large part designed to cater to men, put women down and keep them in a sub class of humanity. When a new religion is born, as in the early story in Genius with Cain and Able… it expresses the reactionary birth of the new religion and pulls in fragments of the older replaced religion. This is the ultimate triumph. So something that may have been celebrated before is now demonized,,, like women in the Genius story. They are bad and tempt men with apples… they were not created by God to be here as citizens of the earth, but rather from a man’s rib for the sole purpose of being a partner to a man. This negative spin of women is still bought and sold today for the bias and benefit of men. There are two men one with a womb as a woman. It’s a biological fact that a womb would have to come first. So the story twists and attempts to explain the obvious fact that womb-man did indeed come first, instead of a spin to make man look elitist in the eyes of a God and chosen first. As for Cain and Able, this story explains the onset and domination of agriculture in a particular ancient society and culture. Hence it also created or was used as an upheaval for religious and idealism replacement. A hunter gatherer society now taking on agricultural practices changes ideals, routines, and even challenges religious beliefs. Agriculture changes everything. It also creates ‘power struggles’, which is what the story of Cain and Able is. Two brothers fighting for acknowledgment from God, parents and their community ultimately decided by their God. Which shows a God will decide mentality in this ancient society. It says, we don’t want to be held accountable for the decision, so we will in a sense leave it to chance and credit it to a God. Agriculture was here to stay, they were unsure how to implement and incorporate this new technology into their structured lives and beliefs. This was new ground with no precedence. Two sacrifices are given, one that exemplifies a hunter gatherer sacrifice they were used to. And the other that somehow (ti doesn’t give details) used non meat agriculturally grown products. The contest now was to see which sacrifice would have the highest smoke, Cain or Able. Both Cain and Able had t his contest to see which sacrifice God favored. Very much like a tie on the show Survivor when two people make fire to see which can build the best fire the quickest. So whoever wins the Cain and Able fire contest God loves the most and the other (in the biblical story) will be shunned or at least seen as less favorable in God’s eyes. If you’re on the losing end of this idiocy it’s enough to really piss you off and at the very least rebel. A clue here lies in the decision not to be held accountable and leave it to a contest… this shows there were violent tendencies and serious consequences for being held accountable for anyone to step up and make a judgment call. So a violent outcome from the loser is not unexpected. That’s why it was left to chance or God… in the first place. But even as they try to avoid the violence, it is inevitable and Cain gets rid of Able. This violence is a staple of patriarchal societies when men are given bias. Now that Able is gone, again they don’t want to make a decision because they don’t want to be held to the consequences of that decision and again, leave it to … God and chance. This not having to be held accountable for decisions and ‘putting it on God’ is typical of and shows the value of … religion. Religion is designed to take the blame. It’s not us, this is what God wants… Humanity created religion for many reasons, one was to use God as a scapegoat. Another was for a security blanket… another was to control other people,,, and of course to shine bias and favoritism on the almighty male, while making excuses based on religion why women should be subservient and serve men. And even women promoted it for the benefit of their (drum roll)… sons. I chalk it up to male biased agendas, power seeking, brainwashing, indoctrination and plain out stupidity.. The story of Eve lifts her up for serving her husband. Any women who embraces this ideology and will fit the male ideal. And any woman who fits this male ideal will be celebrated. It’s okay to be an equal partner,,, but women can never be better.. you can never out do,, out shine,,, God’s favored human being,,, the is male… LOL. Remember now these stories are designed to impress and brainwash that man is favored by God. That’s BS. But it’s BS people believe from a crap story created 5000 years ago. And yes people have been around longer then 5000 years. The smoking gun for the chronological timeline is the royal line given in the old testament, the line of David. The line that Christ had to be linked to in order to be seen as ‘from God’. 5000 years later we see a society that has embraced this nonsense struggling for women rights in the home, family and society. We see domestic violence break out against women from men, when women assert their human rights. We see hate and slander from men calling women man haters for embracing their right not to serve men or buy into male ideals. We see men hang onto ‘equality’, and slave mentalities towards women… in that women as human beings are dumbed down (even when the highest IQ in the world is a female and 3 of the top 4), they are subject to more criticism, they are given a hard time if too confident, too independent (in that she is not in a relationship and giving her paycheck to a man). Male supremacy and ideals that hold men higher in their minds is a real problem in our society. This male bias leads men to believe they can act out violently and it will only make them look like more of a man. Violence is a male liberty many men feel is allowed their hierarchy. If they don’t like something they are allowed to act and behave aggressively. This simply is not true and a stain on humanity. A woman because of slave mentalities towards women, are held to different ideals and would be shamed and ostracized mostly by men for acting the same way. ‘They should know their place… is not different then a slave’. The Cain and Able story simply shows this newborn male hierarchy and the violence byproduct of patriarchy when one is cast as less favorable in God’s eyes. Cain is marked by God and cast out. And everyone is blameless and any unfair laws and practices are not challenged or questioned. It shows this new updated religion has power. And if you challenge it they can do anything to you, in the name of God and hold themselves blameless. Patriarchy and women now neatly in place with man at the top of the food chain and women right under him. And we should be so thankful to be under man! LOL It’s laughable at best,,, and even more so that we have people preaching this crap and holding women to it. But hey that’s right I’m not supposed to challenge and I’m certainly not to supposed to be arrogant in my position or confident that I’m 100% right .. or that I’m supposed to call out male BS… if a man did this he’d be applauded,,, if as a woman I don’t go along with the male bias then I’m seen as hateful for not going along with the stupidity. But when a man stands up for something he’s not seen as hateful by other men. And I’ll add one more problem with male patriarchy BS before I close… the world and humanity as a whole would be a better place if men held their identity in their humanity. But they don’t. Their identity is held in their gender. When you do that, your gender requires validation and certain treatment from others. In other words, women have to cater to and lower themselves for a human being to ‘feel like a man’… and to validate the mollycoddling and expected behavior from women, set down and explained by ‘parents’. So now we have a human being who is expecting biased treatment from society, women and of course,,, God. Women see themselves as human beings and hold their identity in their humanity, not their gender (most of us). So it comes as a painful shock when we find ourselves arguing for our humanity and human rights against blatant biased, ignorant, stupid and brainwashed people. There is male bias in the USA and in the world. And this male patriarchal bias is wrapped up and sold by three major world religions,,, you can guess what they are. All three share the same stupid biblical story and concepts,,, and all three have women as a second class citizens, one is still enslaving them in remote parts of the world, while all three enslave them with ideology and mentality. The story of Cain and Able cements the bias and patriarchy, not the story of Adam and Eve because it’s this new religion and patriarchy is sets in place ‘the power of God’ with the story of Cain and Able. It is with that story that patriarchy becomes law. God’s favor is law. All previous story’s that were God’s favor now carry the law with it.

    • AlpineUSA
      June 8, 2018

      I would like to add as an after thought in the same vein… this instillation of the new religion takes credit for the Zodiac for the God El. Astrology is the oldest belief system as the introduction of 365 days a year, astrology is literally the ‘beginning of time’. This removed any Zodiac or heavens and star based belief that would have been associated more with a hunter gatherer society. We still use 365 days a year today as a measurement for a year. Tropical (Western Astrology) measures 365 days a year and uses the the sun to measure. Sidereal or Easter Astrology also known as Vedic Astrology uses the stars to measure a year. Interestingly enough, Vedic or Sidereal Astrology is Hindu based and it measures 365 days a year with just hours in difference between Sidereal and Tropical. Astrology predates any Adam and Eve religion. Astrology even has Lilith in the story as Adams first wife and was outcast for not putting herself under Adam. Liluth was then demonized in history as a man hater and demon for this and replaced by … Eve who obeyed her husband as proof God wants a woman’s purpose to be centered around men. That a woman’s worth is based on how well she supports ‘her man’ or promotes her sons. It’s not easy to replace or take down a practicing religion. Look at the measures these male based religions have gone to, in attempts to exterminate religions that do not bow down to and replace their religions for the male and God approved one with Adam and Eve. And in Christianity women are revered for giving birth to ‘males’. Enter Mary, the new Eve. Perfect examples of where you worth as a human being are held if you happen to be a human being whose female. This religion also becomes a hot bed for competing males in races who feel slighted for not being ‘all hailed’ because of their male status. While women still fall into second class regardless of the ‘race of the moment’, and it does so because these three cookie cutter world religions have effectively put women firmly into a sub class. As long as new religions have this male bias patriarchy stamp they will be welcomed by a world patriarchal society as a means of religious control to keep women under men and at best equal but never superior (men however are given automatic preference, bias and supremacy over women, in the eyes of God and society). It is because it enslaves women in ideology that it is popular with men. Challenging it now has the same consequence of banishment and ostracization as it did when it was first designed.

      It’s important to understand that these religions use indoctrination, brainwashing, and fear for power and control by controlling a belief.

      We don’t actually know Cain killed Able. That story admits there was no proof that Cain killed Able. It is possible that there was a power struggle with older belief’s when the new religion was created. It’s possible that Cain was part of a group that opposed the new religion. Why would Cain have been alone? Common sense and intellect suggest he would not have been alone in thought. What do we know? We know a new religion was trying to be structured and implemented, the proof is that one was and it pretended to be the first because it wasn’t going to even acknowledge humanity prior to it’s beginning. Anything prior to this religion isn’t seen as humanity and regarded as not to have existed because it wasn’t a part of the new ‘regime’. There is a power vacuum created by agriculture. Cain doesn’t argue for women, Cain is part of a group that wants power. Both Cain and Able have no problem with the subjection of women. Why would a man have any problem with male bias… they don’t. Eve’s ideological enslavement was a-okay. The Cain and Able story is about a power struggle created by agriculture and apparent in definition of the theocracy laws that come about with the new patriarchal religion. There is no reason to believe Cain would not be acting alone. Cain was a figure head for an opposing group. Take down the figure head and you have silenced and controlled the group. Cain could have been set up. There is no actual proof Cain killed Able, the biblical story admits this. Cain’s blood cried out from the rocks and God heard it is the only evidence we have of the murder. Able’s body is never found. This is the oldest known crime story. Cain looks guilty because there had been an argument and moreover a contest that with the sacrifices (of whose smoke would rise higher to the heavens), to win God’s favor and Cain lost. So Cain must have killed Able, when Able goes missing. Cain could have been set up, we simply have no proof that Cain killed Able. But the charge and claim is effective in getting rid of Cain. Now if God asked for Cain’s like, then God looks bad. And also people may have been prone to investigate further. Accusing Cain and banishing him works well for what side? This benefits people who supported Able. However we are spoon fed and brainwashed that Cain killed Able, even no proof, so we all believe it. Brainwashing doesn’t take with me. Eventually I can shake it off. So ask yourself,,, what proof do you have? What proof does anyone have that Cain killed Able, even when the biased story for a power struggle admits there was no proof Cain actually killed Able… there is zero proof Cain killed Able. We do know he was banished and that was the end of it… the new religion had shown it’s power and the internal power struggled ended when one side gained power over the over. Able’s side won.

      We had the introduction of changing belief’s and life structures with the onset of agriculture. An extreme change isn’t going to have only one person a power struggle. The story of Cain and Able isn’t about just a brother power struggle, the brothers are representative of a much larger power base struggle. The fact that brothers are used as the head figures for the struggle shows that patriarchy is already in place because of the Eve story. The new powers to be are taking one issue at a time. Eve is under complete control and they have already flexed their power by slandering and putting women in a place and order under man in the new religion. The Cain and Able story uses power already in place to ‘finish the deal’ as theocracy is now law.

      Agricultural brought us patriarchy. And with Agriculture women could have children sooner after giving birth to one and they could have more children. A hunter gatherer society had to be more mobile. Not so with agriculture. And you didn’t have to follow stars. You only needed to measure seasons and the length of a year. Enter the value of Tropical Astrology. And you don’t see Tropical in Hindu, you see Sidereal (Vedic) Eastern Astrology that measures the year by the stars. The smoking gun in the Cain and Able story is Astrology that Cain brought with him. The power struggle now complete, Cain is banished and those that supported him have learned the power of this new religion. Those supporting Cain would have gone with him, those staying would be subject to new governing laws of the theocracy (religion). The Cain and Able story is effective in it’s assertion of power and the removal of all who gave opposition. We don’t even know if the smoke that rose higher for Able’s sacrifice wasn’t someone manipulated by sabotage to Cain’s sacrifice when he lost. We only know there was a power struggle when the new religion was implemented by the onset of agricultural that opened a door for the new patriarchal religion. What we know about humanity is that it’s capable of manipulation in power struggles and politics, we also know humanity is capable of sabotage and false accusations when power agendas are involved. Women have been enslaved by this stupid ideology that was set in place 5000 years ago with Adam and Eve then finalized into place as a theocracy when any opposition was put down in the Cain and Able story. This story shows that when patriarchy has hold, power struggles will erupt among men. In the area of Cain and Able we have had wars and strife. We have had wars and strife in the world with patriarchy and the three religions that sell it. We have lost history in the world when religions who revere religions with that story have annihilated and wiped out other religions by wielding the same power, control and God authority introduced with Cain and Able. We’ve had the newest of these patriarchal religions try to ride into Europe to conquer in the name of Allah which gave way to the Crusades as a response. Islam, Christianity and the Hebrew theocracy (religion) all share the same base religious stories, including Cain and Able. And why not? It was so effective. Why get rid of what works in control and conquest while keeping male patriarchy in place? It was so effective it was kept by Christianity and last copied by the birth of Islam in 622 AD. The world needs to wake up and shut these religions down. My human rights as a woman in the US are overshadowed and shut down by these religions as my human rights take a back seat of the rights for others to practice them! That’s wrong. My rights as a human being who happens to be female out weigh the rights of those to practice a religion. But I am attempted to be silenced by those who will call me a racists for not agreeing with and opposing Islam, even when Islam is NOT a race, anyone can be Islam, anyone of any race can be Islam, I said that twice on purpose. To oppose Islam for women’s rights is not racist on the part of women. That’s as insane and ridiculous as the brainwashed and indoctrinated male patriarchal religion it is,, that along with the other two promotes women that agree to their sub class place under men. And they use submissive women who have agreed to it as exemplary examples of how they do not oppress women… by using women who fit their male ideals as the examples… not women who oppose and promote their human rights who discard the cult religion. Women like myself just need to be controlled, indoctrinated and brainwashed, and if we are not indoctrinated and brainwashed then controlled and oppressed is fine. And it’s all okay because it’s in the name of religion and no one wants to oppose a religion, because they would be shamed, ostracized and make to look bad. If you opposed Islam you are called a racist even though Islam is not a race and anyone of any race can join it for it’s world conquest theme. And goodie then we have a patriarchal religion that places women under men ruling the world as a cult based theocracy. I see no difference between a cult and Islam. You have the original Hebrew religion and oldest of the three, and if you oppose that for women’s rights in opposing the Eve story, then you’re an antisemite. And opposing Jewish ideology as a woman for their vile and slanderous fictitious Adan and Eve story, then you are ostracized for not supporting the Jews or their religion. How dare you oppose them as a woman for promoting and championing a slanderous story that has demonized and put women in a sub class for 5000 years. That sub class has been one step above slavery, as women are dumbed down and regarded as here from a man’s rib so that men can have a partner and are not lonely. And if you don’t believe this and are not happy, then ‘you just haven’t had the right man’. That’s a slave mentality, because it’s like telling a slave that they are not happy because they havn’t had the right master… It’s ludicrous and ridiculous. These patriarchal ideologies need to be questioned, challenged and where they come from needs to be held accountable, as well as done away with. This power to take down all those that dared to challenge or oppose religions with this power started with the Cain and Able story. The Christian religion is not off the hook either. And might even be the worst of the three in that this religion attempts to take away the morality of any woman who doesn’t subscribe, and touts the morality of women who submit to the doctrine of male hierarchy. Faith and morality are two different things. Not to be confused with the other. I can have faith my car will start. I can religiously brush my teeth. Those things, religion and faith have zero to do with morality. This religion preaches that morality comes from God,, that you have known and are nothing but born into sin without it. All three use fear and supremacy to keep believers in line. Christ loved humanity, Christians love Christ. I love humanity. And my morality comes from me. And I’m accountable for my morality, I don’t do what I like for seven days then ask God to give me a clean slate with zero responsibility. I also don’t take blame for others mistakes, as in forced forgiveness the religion practices. No I don’t have to take responsibility for the actions of others and I don’t need to forgive them, that is up to me alone. The purpose of religion is to control mass amounts of people. Religion is an adversary to freedom. Freedom challenges religion because freedom champions and trusts the individual. And by the trusting each other we bring peace to humanity. As long as we keep these three patriarchal religions, Christianity, Jewish and Islam, we keep women in a sub class and war in the world. Patriarchal religions bring war, strife and violence. Patriarchy is about supremacy with gender bias to men. That entitlement leads to abuse of power and authority as power struggles erupt. It leads to lies and deception as males vie for power. It leads to false admiration as brotherly love is held as an ideal. The story of Cain and Able plays on this male hierarchy. Two sisters simply do not warrant the same kind of attention. Because sisters would be subclass in the eyes of God and that society. The power struggle is played out by two male figure heads, because women have already been taken down and placed neatly in a sub class as evil, stupid and lesser then with the Eve story. If you want peace in the world, you need to do away with these three religions and their patriarchal ideals. What we believe influences how we are empowered and how we act. If you believe in these patriarchal religions you support the fear, hate and mistrust these religions use to keep control and to keep humanity as a whole and all those who are too intelligent and brave to subscribe down. And you keep women as a sub class fighting against an ignorant hierarchy that these religions keep in place. Rich people,, and politicians love these religions… politicians because it keeps mass amounts of people under control… Rich people because rich men use it to keep wives in place, and rich women as a way to advance by buying into patriarchal crap for material gain when other human beings would not agree to it. Those in power (the rich and the politicians) hold religion over women’s rights. It’s these religions that give men power. A man will not give up his power base of patriarchal bias, the ideals and will protect the religions that promote it. It’s women that have to oppose these religions. It’s women that have to oppose patriarchal ideals. It’s women that have to start questioning, challenging these ideals as we have been. And men have to stop going along with the BS and if they dont’ they need to be held accountable by women when they do. We should no longer tolerate the power put in place by the Cain and Able story that has fed male bias and control to 3 major cookie cutter world religions that tell others how to believe. Astrology has a better belief system in energies present and reincarnation. It doesn’t oppose women, isn’t piratical or fear based. And it doesn’t seek to control. It’s time Cain was pardoned for a crime with no proof against him but held accountable for accepting views against women when he could have made or stand. Or did he? Was that the opposing fraction? We’ll never know. We just know it’s time for lies that support male bias and patriarchal religions to end. Thank you for reading. Defending patriarchy will do you no good as myself and others have heard every lame excuse already and it all adds up to religious BS as an attempt to put women in a sub class of humanity. If you have love in you, give it to humanity not a religion. Thank you. My human rights are more important to me then a relationship. My human rights are more important to me then a religion. My human rights are more important then a political party and no political party speaks for me (don’t believe that ruse). To be told that you have to vote a certain way because of gender is one of the biggest modern lies not from a religion, but from your politicians who really have no problem with patriarchy but need your vote to stay in power. Patriarchy is about power. And women have supported and bought into patriarchy for the sake of gaining power through sons, so think carefully before electing a woman to use the power of patriarchy in politics. Any woman who tells you that you have to vote a certain way is not honoring your individual power to pick and choose. Any woman’s organization that tells you to vote for a political party is not interested in your freedom to make your own choices, but only another fraction of control to tell women what to do, and how to act. The women’s movement is simply a wolf that changed clothes. As women we are human beings that dont’ need more controls in place, we don’t need to be told how to act, how to vote, what to believe and what to do, we are human beings. And the women promoting that movement are no different then the same women that have been promoting patriarchy for sons and husbands while achieving personal gain through them as a second class citizen. As long as their sons and husbands are heralded the rest of women and humanity be damned. Now we have women who want to put controls in place and tell other women to their human rights are dependent on supporting a particular political party. Your rights are not dependent on a political party. And your statement of human rights comes from you not a vote to support those who want power. Rich politicians lie for power. Cain and Able is a power struggle story after patriarchy has been established. The power struggle now shifts back to Eve. Are we really going to let this religion write women in that light? All three of the religions promoting that story need to be held accountable and if you are subscribing to them, you should stop. An anonymous person said to me decades ago… how can you believe what you do as about your human rights as a woman and believe in that religion? Because the views of that religion clash with personal views about your humanity. And you see women doing as I once tried to do thinking they can blend the two opposing forces. You can’t. You need to choose. It’s one or the other. There’s even a famous female astrologer who became famous on youtube of all places, who is now trying to sell that astrology wants women to buy into the biblical submission to men… No sorry astrology doesn’t want women to become second class to men. But you see this,,, you see women making excuses on staying under men. They have been effectively brainwashed and indoctrinated. Sad to say. But so have men, even sadder to say as they enjoy being held in high regard for nothing other then gender, certainly not out of merit or worth, just gender. And subsequent male gender bias from religion to family to society. Cain whether he was guilty or not, lost the power struggle. How different the world would be today if Cain had won. At least women would have stood a better chance because this patriarchal religion would not have been as effective or copied two times over. If you love humanity and believe women should not be forced as second class citizens in patriarchal conditions then oppose these three religions with everything you have. And hold your governments accountable should they put religion over the rights of women. Challenge and questions ideologies you’ve been taught to accept without questioning. Start to examine them with an individual mind. Champion freedom, trust and acceptance for all human beings without limitations and idealized constraints. Do away with male bias and patriarchy. Tell men who recant the story of Eve as an excuse why men are superior that it’s BS and walk away. Take those men out of your life. You cannot fix stupid, indoctrinated or brainwashed, especially when they are reveling in and enjoying the ignorant male gender based bias. They are used to arguing with women when women fight for their human rights… do not engage in an argument over your human rights as a women. Banish all men from your life that want to argue your human rights based on gender. After all the power of patriarchy was established on banishment in the Cain and Able story. Banishment is the only way to address this abuse of patriarchy. Banish men who buy into it and replace them with people who happen to be male who honor and respect you as a human being with human rights. Then maybe our religions, society and politicians will be forced to follow suit. If your family preaches patriarchy, stand up to them, banish if necessary… stand up to men who preach it, stand up to politicians and people in society even other women, who support patriarchy. Want a free dinner? Accept it as a human being, not as a women. If a man buys you dinner to validate his identity as a man and to validate you as a gender, then don’t accept his dinner. Buy your own dinner without him. Want to be supported then do it in the name of your humanity as a human being, not in the name of your gender. Because you represent you, not a gender. So don’t ask for those things as a woman, ask for things from someone else as a human being. I’m not saying you can’t ask, I’m just saying ask for it as a human being and not as a woman. Men and women like to be taken care of as human beings. There is nothing wrong with wanted to be wined, dined and supported for contribution to a relationship… it does not mean you have to do this in the name of your gender… at the sacrifice of your gender… for the glory of patriarchy and the male gender, so that someone can ‘feel like’ a man, when he should be more concerned with his humanity as a human being, then recognized in a patriarchal society as a gender that is celebrated with bias by three dominating world religions. If he can’t do things for you as a human being without spotlighting his biased gender then his humanity is in question because he is more concerned with gender identity as a male then holding his identity in his humanity as a mere human being that holds no bias over women based on gender in a patriarchal world society held in power because of three religions. And this patriarchal power was set into motion from the power struggle in a an ancient society 5000 years ago with the story of Cain and Able. That’s when patriarchy was cast and molded into law by a fledgling theocracy.

  • Maelis Astroc
    January 10, 2019

    Interesante tu razonamiento especulativo ¿Tú quieres decir que estos son los dravinianos y precusores jaféticos?
    Interesting your speculative reasoning. Do you mean that these are the Dravinians and japhetic precursors?

  • Isla
    April 10, 2019

    It all makes sense. I am converted from hinduism and I think hindu gods are fallen angels and demons – 4-faced gods of Ezekiel 10:21 – principalities, power and wicked spirits in heavenly realm. What do you think of comparison of idols to 4-faced gods of Ezekiel 10:21 and the references to vimanas, etc?

  • Kelsey
    August 11, 2022

    I was researching this exact theory that I thought about and came across this article. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that’s thought of this! My theory is that all the religions of the world are connected. I believe that Christianity and Judaism came from Seth’s line and that Hinduism and Buddhism came from Cain’s.

  • Gabriel
    April 20, 2023

    Cain is Shiva, Abel is Brahma and Seth is Vishnu and Adam is Brahman