Thoughts on Justice

If an unjust thing happens to you, and nobody is there to defend your position or demand justice for you two things will happen. The situation will be forgotten or someone will claim it’s the will of god or the law of karma. In any case, nothing will be done to exemplify the unjust thing that was done to you and it will happen again, to you and to others. My point is simple, justice is a human phenomenon, no matter if god exists, no matter if mysterious phenomenons exist and no matter anything at all – when justice comes around, it’s made by humans for humans.

Recently I read an article about a Swedish mother who sat in the passenger seat while her husband was driving. Then all of a sudden a man shot at the car, hitting her in the neck and she thought she was about to die and said farewell to her husband. However, she survived but was paralyzed from the neck down, which is the worst case. The man who shot her got 2,5 years in jail and a fine of 4500€. This is scary, and this is not the only case Sweden has light punishment for serious crimes. Illegal migrant rapist are set free, even if they go insane with an axe in Stockholm city. No deportation and nothing at all. The man who shot that mother said he didn’t feel conscious at the time and got away with it.

So where is the justice in this? Did god want her to get paralyzed? Did she have bad karma invested somewhere? This is nonsense and here’s why. Anything can be explained as gods will, no matter if he exists or if he does, he might not care about your personal life. Karma, as popularly spoken about, is seen as some banking system of good deeds paying of the loans of bad deeds. If you’re in big dept, then be ready to get hit by the truck. This is also nonsense. Karma means action and the habit of actions in this life. If you’re addicted, angry of doing the same actions with the same mental predisposition – you will get the same sort of results. If you change your mental pattern, your actions change, you’re in charge. I digress here but my point is there is no other justice than the one we demand, and might get.

Suffering can’t be undone, but sometimes, justice is served. As the case of the war criminal Ratko Mladić and the likes of his and their sentences – who slaughtered unarmed civilians in the worst crime against humanity on European soil since WWII. No matter if it’s a small crime or a big one, if there is no institution for justice, there is no chance at justice.

So letting things slip by, thinking it’s something far away, or just hitting people who are listed in gods black book or have karmic debt is pretty dangerous. In a global world everything affects everyone, big pharma criminals, banking criminals, war crimes, loss of privacy, decline in culture and values – it all affects us.

I don’t sell any values here and I value the ones you might have. My point is simple, stand up for what is right, make a stance big or small. For justice and the information on unjust happenings in the online digital age has a good chance of reaching out and educating people, or at least give the younger people some open doors to enter which we missed.

What do you think?

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  • Daniel
    November 27, 2017

    “The ultimate goal of law is justice”. Is the postulate that in law school is learned, but in practice I have found that it is the same structure of the norm and the disaster that is lived around the social phenomena and the masses that, together with a depraved world order, prevent that human construct of justice, be materialized.
    Greetings to the promoter of this virtual space and author of such interesting thoughts projected in this article.

    • Sanjin Đumišić
      November 27, 2017

      Thanks for stopping by reading and sharing your thoughts. /All the best