Steps toward pre-birth genetic manipulation

There has been a lot of mentioning about the 3-parent way of producing children that was accepted in the U.K. First of all I don’t believe any of it is for the benefit for the parents nor the child that will come out. It is blatantly a way of making these genetic manipulation processes acceptable out in the public opinion. It is a way for the destroyers of mankind to reach their ultimate goal, the posthuman. Each year we get the “okay” for surveillance, chipping our animals, mixing with food DNA and also soon our own human genetics.

Never mind the fact that children without parents need help or that perhaps some people aren’t just able and destined to have their kids – this doesn’t matter because everything that is on the edge of our human desire and can be profited from, also in this case made as one trojan among many in the long run for a posthuman society.

What good will it do and how can someone seriously say this is a safe way of tampering with human genetics?

But hey, this is about making way for implants and pre-birth genetic control that our governments and giga-mega-corporations aspire to in the future.

Let’s not forget that every technology new to us regular people is already old news for the science on the edge.

What do you think?

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