KEEN Kids Targhee Hiking Boots – A Comfortable Choice

Autumn is around the corner, with plenty of rain, mud and hopefully snow in the winter. For this my child needed good boots to come along with me on more demanding hikes. I looked at many alternatives but this pair of Keen Targhee Waterproof Boots seemed comfortable, sturdy and looked good. If you have needs for an outdoor boot for your child, this pair might be it for you.

Hiking boots are a bit stiffer than the usual footwear, and especially coming on after the summer. So I really wanted something as comfortable as possible.

Right out of the box they were accepted and took of for a run. On later hikes all was good, but there was a discomfort, which is always common with hiking boots until they get really comfy. The question was, would the boots chafe somehow? And if so how bad?




Luckily it was one of the easier discomforts, above the heel, no chafing but simply a noticeable pressure. Where the edge of the boot sort of pushes in. Nothing that makes a child not wanting to walk but enough for them to comment on it. The most important thing, the foot was comfortable and no other complaints were given.

This part will soften up and the user gets used to it. I also think this tad bit of an issue had to do with the contrast of summer sneakers and sandals – and the boot.

Here are some features of the boots

  • waterproof and breathable
  • Secure-fit laces
  • PFC-free durable water repellent 
  • Waterproof leather
  • Outsole leaves no trace
  • Removable footbed

On the quality of the boots, they are really good. Rugged and ready for outdoors playing and waterproof which will keep the feet dry and warm.

Having two children, and knowing how their feet grow fast, these boots will be used for some years to come. I think they were a good purchase, that’s what I wanted to share and I hope this helped you decide.

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