Chemtrails & Geoengineering – Weather Modification is a Reality

Weather control is nothing new, it’s been done for decades and here’s a good short video introduction to its history. Also look into Operation Popeye, which was a highly classified weather modification program in Southeast Asia during 1967-1972.

In spring 2011 I listened to the Swedish public service radio P1 where they talked about weather control and the possible benefits of hindering global warming by spraying chemicals into the atmosphere.  They talked about cloud seeding which is basically called chemtrails among people more or less. I remember reflecting on how common this field of science is, meanwhile, if you say chemtrails you’ll get a tinfoil hat comment slammed back at you. Meanwhile, the field is so widely spread out that many countries have their own research programmes, like China that has its own Beijing Weather Modification Office. China has also decided to “step up weather modification in key regions to help relieve drought…”.

If you want to know where the trend is heading, it’s in aerial drone technology. (VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE)

Cloud seeding and weather control technologies have been around for decades and are under further development, even implemented in our daily lives. That means that chemtrails are actually out there. Remember, not all photos and fingers pointing to the sky shouting chemtrails are actual cloud seedings in progress.  There is a lot of dystopian speculation about weather control; but for a fact the actual process of changing our weather is happening. So next time someone waves it off just show them weather control is nothing new and something that contrary, its going on as of today.

To finish this of, how about this video from the Woodstock documentary. Where two young men observe chemtrails spraying and link it directly to the rain. Is it an early observation? Or is this the moment where the modern myth of chemtrails was born? Perhaps, but then again, it was used in Vietnam to create rain during the time as above mentioned in Operation Popeye.

What do you think?

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