Automata film review “When the dialogue stops”

The film offers no groundbreaking take or vision about the future of artificial intelligence. Yet films like Automata and Transcendence, keep the topic alive in the mainstream so to speak. Offering updates to the already established sci-fi visions of Terminator and Matrix (not to make the list longer). We need these cinematic and free thinking interpretations to keep the large discussion and awareness about the implications of artificial intelligence alive.

So, to mention the main topic of Automata it would be When the dialogue stops! Meaning that moment when humans and the new consciousness no longer can communicate. Not because the artificial intelligence doesn’t want to, but because we will no longer understand it and be totally left behind to the new superintelligence.

Which brings me to the book Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom and a quote from it. That deals with this notion of how fast will the machine consciousness develop, or rather, make a mega-jump from being a calculator to being aware and getting on improving itself; faster than humans ever were and will be.

A fast takeoff occurs over some short temporal interval, such as minutes, hours, or days… Nobody need even notice anything unusual before the game is already lost. In a fast takeoff scenario, humanity’s fate essentially depends on preparations previously put in place.”

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