Saturn rocket launch & Apollo journey with dark ambient soundscape

I really enjoy the footage from the golden age of space traveling. Here's the Saturn rocket launch and the epic journey to the moon and back by the Apollo program. All footage is NASA public domain and the music is an ambient soundscape (kosmische) by me called Entr'acte. Download: Entr'acte 25:05 min (@320 kbps)

Interstellar and the secret space program

I won't rate the film here or go through scientific glitches, nor talk about the acting. I'll just go through some historical symbolism in the film. Hints that refer directly to historical facts regarding secret space programs, UFO phenomenon and what Richard Dolan calls the breakaway civilization. It's not the first time blockbusters make these ...

Keep Space Clean

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 0 , , Permalink

I've always been a space enthusiast and we all know the way our life on earth is not as clean as it should be. So not only do we have that earthbound issue but our orbit is no exception of our collective trashing around. Our activity in space has filled the orbit with more junk ...