Your Vote Matters

There are many people whom I respect and whose values I regard highly but on one issue I don’t agree with. That is voting and that it is useless. They say it doesn’t matter. Here are my arguments on why it matters and why voting is like breathing, you won’t come around it but only do it in a healthy or unhealthy way. The choice, generally speaking, is between having what Switzerland has and what some African jungle democracies call voting.

Remember people who thought recycling plastic was bad and useless 20+ years ago? Now it is very efficient and that it because the technology has developed. In the same manner, when people vote and care about the voting system, it gets better and more polished. now remember, corruption hits from any angle, and sometimes people vote for one thing – yet the ruling class decides on something else. In this case the voting wasn’t useless because the results are a reference point. This reference point wouldn’t exist without the voting and there wold be no clear way of knowing what people wanted.

When some say don’t go out and vote you get the effect that maybe 20% of the population decides on everything. If the turnout is say 50% of the population and 60% of these voted Yes on something – then only 12% of the total population actually wants that. It is therefore always better to go and vote, blankly if you don’t like the options.

Uncountable people have died so that we can put that paper with our choice in a ballot box. Yet it is easy for some sort of idealist leaning on anarchy or libertarianism, sitting in their comfortable home to disregard and spew out fatalistic opinions. The problem is people have it easier these days to communicate some ideals made up in their own mind-universe without any thought or respect for real world pragmatic implementation. Plus, all these fringe anarchistic ideals have their own versions making it all together inapplicable to any society.

The voting system, one way or another, is the only way to get the pulse and opinion of the people. That system can mature into a solid experience for everyone or become a corrupt endeavour where results are overrun, votes are sold and no interest is in voting. The latter point is commonly known as the anarchistic way to “let the system know it isn’t needed”. But once again, the ideals and real world improvement are not stations along a straight road.

What do you think?

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